VMware vSphere Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 7.5 Hours
This course covers the key functions and components of VMware vSphere including the overall architecture, installation, vCenter and virtual machine management, networking, and storage.

VMware vSphere Architecture describes the architectural components, services, interfaces and new features of vSphere.

VMware vSphere Installation covers vSphere components, prerequisites for installing ESX 4.0, vSphere Client 4.0, vCenter Server 4.0 and how to connect an ESX host to vCenter Server.

VMware vSphere vNetworks discusses the vSphere datacenter architecture, the vNetwork architecture, and networking features including VMdirectPath I/O and VMXNET3.

VMware vSphere vStorage - Overview describes the VMware vStorage architecture, compares and contrasts physical storage types, and identifies file system formats supported by vSphere.

VMware vSphere vStorage - Working with vStorage Explains techniques to maximize space, manage space used by snapshots and virtual machines, and ensure availability and performance for virtual machines.

VMware vCenter Server Management - Overview discusses key concepts of vCenter, reviews vCenter architecture, discusses Linked Mode, Host Profiles and provides a brief overview on vCenter Orchestrator.

VMware vCenter Server Management - Working with vCenter covers what vCenter Apps are, discusses alarms and events critical to managing vCenter, and looks at key performance monitoring graphs.

VMware vSphere Virtual Machine Management - Creating reviews virtual machine architecture and demonstrates using the vSphere Client to create virtual machines.

VMware vSphere Virtual Machine Management - Working with VMs covers adding and removing virtual machines, working with snapshots, patching virtual machines, importing and exporting virtual machines, and other administration tasks.

Outline:    VMware vSphere Architecture
• vSphere Datacenter Architecture
• vCenter Server 4.0 Architecture
• ESX 4.0 Architecture
• ESXi 4.0 Architecture
• vServices
• Impacts due to virtualization

VMware vSphere Installation
• Review of vSphere components
• VMware ESX 4.0 installation
• VMware vCenter server 4.0 installation

• vNetwork Architecture Overview
• Configuring ESX 4 Networking
• Additional Networking Features

VMware vStorage Overview
• Describe VMware vStorage architecture
Compare and contrast the types of physical storage that VMware cluster supports for ESX  
• Indicate the file system formats vSphere supports

Working with VMware vStorage
• Employ techniques to maximize space
• Manage space utilized by snapshots and virtual machines
• Ensure availability and performance for virtual machines

VMware vCenter Server Overview
• Discuss the key concepts of vCenter
• Review VMware vCenter architecture
• Explain Linked Mode
• Apply Host Profiles
• Illustrate VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Working with VMware vCenter Server
• Create and Configure a VMware vApp
• Configure Alarms and Events
• Monitor Performance

Creating Virtual Machines
• VM Architecture Review
• Create a New Virtual Machine
• Create Multiple Virtual Machines

Working with Virtual Machines
• Add and Remove VMs
• Work with Snapshots
• Use Update Manager to Patch VMs
• Import and Export VMs
• Migrate VMs
• Additional VM Administration Tasks: