VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4.0 Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2.5 Hours
This self-paced course is designed to introduce the student to the VMware vCenter Lab Manager product. This course will give students an overview of how Lab Manager works, usage scenarios, installation requirements, administrative tasks and an overview of the steps for installing, initializing and configuring Lab Manager.

Lab Manager Overview provides an overview of what Lab Manager is and describes the key capabilities of Lab Manager.

Lab Manager Installation and Configuration provides an overview of Lab Manager components, discusses the prerequisites for the Lab Manager Server system and the installation environment, describes the installation process, and finally demonstrates the configuration steps.

Lab Manager Administration covers Lab Manager administration tasks which include how to manage organizations, workspaces, templates, users, roles, resources, and media.

Using Lab Manager covers deployment and maintenance, which includes understanding how organizations and roles give access to different functions, how to work within the workspace, check out configurations from the library and share configurations with others.

Objectives:    After this course, you should be able to:
• Define Lab Manager and describe its benefits
• Identify appropriate scenarios to use Lab Manager
• Recognize the Lab Manager architectural components and explain their functions
• Configure and install Lab Manager components
• Demonstrate and discuss key Lab Manager features and functions
• Identify the administrative tasks and features in Lab Manager
Outline:    Lab Manager Overview:
• Define Lab Manager and describe its benefits.
• Identify appropriate scenarios for implementing Lab Manager.
• Illustrate the Lab Manager architecture and how it is integrated with vSphere.
• POC resources

Lab Manager Installation and Configuration:
• Identify the Lab Manager Components.
• Recognize the prerequisites for Lab Manager installation.
• Illustrate the Lab Manager Server software installation.
• Demonstrate configuring the Lab Manager Server.

Lab Manager Administration:
• Lab Manager Concepts (workspace, template, configuration and others)
• Recognize Lab Manager concepts.
• Employ administrative tasks.
• Discuss managing Lab Manager environment.

Using  Lab Manager:
• Identify the different Lab Manager Elements.
• Discuss Lab Manager Roles and Rights.
• Describe how to use Organizations and Workspaces.