VMware vCenter Chargeback Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 1 Hours
This self paced course discusses how to install, configure and manage vCenter Chargeback to implement an effective cost accounting system for the virtualized environment.

Objectives:    After completing this course, learners should be able to:
•  Describe the need for chargeback
•  Discuss Chargeback methods
•  Install and manage vCenter Chargeback application
•  Deploy vCenter Chargeback as a virtual appliance
•  Configure vCenter Chargeback application with common administration settings
•  Create and manage chargeback hierarchies
•  Create and manage cost models and templates
•  Generate and manage reports
•  Monitor System health and Perform common troubleshooting
Outline:    Module 01: Overview and Installation
•  IT Resource governance – a business case
•  Why Chargeback?
•  Chargeback methods
•  vCenter Chargeback –

Installation - vCenter Chargeback
•  System Requirements - Hardware, Software, Database, Web browser, vCenter Server Requirements
•  Before Installing - Pre‐Install Checklist (Chargeback Database, User credentials, JDBC Driver, Static IP Address for the Machine)
•  vCenter Chargeback installation - Demo
(Basic installation)
•  Chargeback services
•  Access Chargeback application
•  Data Collector installation – Demo
•  Deploy and Configure vCenter Chargeback as a Virtual Appliance – Demo

Module 02: Configure and Manage

Configure Administration Settings
•  Currency and Logging level
•  Generic Settings – Guided practice
  (LDAP,SMTP, etc)
•  Users  and Roles
  (Authentication, Roles and Permissions)

Manage vCenter Chargeback
•  Add and Update vCenter Server- Guided practice
•  Manage License
•  Manage Data Collector

Chargeback Hierarchy, Cost models and Templates
•  Chargeback Cost elements
•  Chargeback Hierarchy
  Create and Manage hierarchy – Guided practice
•  Cost models
  Create and Manage Cost model – Guided practice
•  Cost Templates
  Create and Manage Cost Templates – Guided Practice

Reports and billing
•  Reports – Overview
•  Configure report template - Demo
•  Cost and Cost comparison reports
•  Generate reports  - Guided practice (Cost and Cost comparison)

Monitor and Troubleshoot
•  Monitor (System health, Events)
•  Basic troubleshooting