vFabric GemFire Fundamentals

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Course Description
Self-Paced (2.5 Hours)

VMware vFabric GemFire is a distributed data management platform providing dynamic scalability, high performance, and database-like persistence. This free 2.5 hour eLearning training introduces  you to GemFire Enterprises 6.5.

The training provides a brief overview of the product, explains the Springconcepts and features, and also enables you to perform basic operations, such as cache configuration, data caching, region creations, and working with functions and listeners.

Objectives:   After this eLearning training, students will be able to:
  • Define GemFire
  • Identify the topologies of GemFire
  • Explain the architecture of GemFire
  • Explain how to install GemFire
  • Describe how cache is configured and managed
  • Define and explain Regions
  • Explain how to add, access, update, invalidate and destroy data
  • Describe the procedure of connecting GemFire
  • Define Member Discovery
  • Describe the configuration of Distributed System Management
  • Explain the process of configuring cache.
  • Describe the Data Serialization implementations
  • Explain exception handling for various GemFire data operations, network operations and configuration operations
  • Explain the GemFire functions
  • Describe Region Management within caches.
  • Explain the creation of region attributes and dynamic regions.
  • Describe Data Eviction and the Data expiration configuration process
  • Describe Multi-site Caching
Intended Audience:   VMware customers who want to learn about VMware vFabric GemFire.
Outline:   Module 1: Introduction to GemFire Enterprise 6.5
This module provides the definition of GemFire, identifies the topologies of GemFire, and explains the architecture of GemFire. It also explains how to install GemFire. It describes how cache is configured and managed in GemFire.

Module 2: Data Regions and Operations
This module describes the different types of GemFire regions, such as partitioned region, replicated region, distributed non-replicated region, and local region. In this module, you learn how to create regions, and perform different data operation, such as add data, update data, and delete data on the regions.

Module 3: Distributed Cache
This module describes the distributed cache concepts in GemFire, such as member discovery, peer discovery, and client/server discovery. In this module, you will learn to:

  • Configure locators and multicasts for peer and client discovery
  • Configure standalone members of GemFire
  • Configure distributed system management
  • Configure local and remote caching

    Module 4: Programming with GemFire
    In this module, you learn how to define custom classes, register user defined types, and explain exception handling for various GemFire data operations, network operations, and configuration operations. You also learn to identify event listeners and explain the goals and principles of GemFire functions.

    Module 5: Advanced Features of GemFire
    This module describes managing regions within caches. It explains how the region attributes and dynamic regions are created. In this module you learn to:

  • Define Object Query Language (OQL), Continuous Querying, and Indexing
  • Describe Data Eviction, Data Expiration configuration process, and Multi-site Caching
  • Describe Load Balancing

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