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Classroom (4 Days)   English
06 May 2013 09:00 AM  -  09 May 2013 05:00 PM
(GMT+10:00) Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) (Australia/ACT)
VMware Education
VMware @ Cliftons
Level 2,
10 Moore Street
Canberra, ACT, Australia 2601
Core Spring is the four-day flagship Spring Framework training. In this course, students build a Spring-powered Java application that demonstrates the Spring Framework and other Spring technologies like Spring AOP and Spring Security in an intensely productive, hands-on setting.

Completion of this training entitles you to receive a free voucher to schedule an exam at a Pearson VUE Center to become a Spring Certified Professional.

  • Use the Spring Framework to develop Java applications
  • Use dependency injection to set up and configure applications
  • Test Spring-based applications
  • Set up Spring configuration using XML, annotations, and Java configuration
  • Use JPA/Hibernate and JDBC with Spring to access relational databases
  • Use Spring support for transactions
  • Use aspect-oriented programming (AOP) to add behavior to objects
  • Develop a basic Web application with Spring MVC
  • Use Spring Security to secure Web applications
  • Use Spring with RMI, HttpInvoker, and JMS for remote communication
  • Add management with the JMX API
    Intended Audience:  
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Experience with developing applications using Java
    Outline:   1  Introduction to Spring
    •  XML configuration and the Spring application context
    •  Best practices: constructor versus setter injection
    •  Working with multiple configuration files
    •  Bean scope and factory beans

    2  Advanced XML Dependency Injection
    •  Most popular namespaces
    •  Best practices when working with namespaces
    •  Externalizing constant values into properties files
    •  Working with a high number of configuration files
    •  Bean definition inheritance

    3  Annotation-Based Dependency Injection
    •  Autowiring and component scanning
    •  Component scanning: how to do it right
    •  XML versus annotations: when to use what
    •  Life cycle annotations: @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy
    •  Stereotypes and meta-annotations

    4  Java-Based Dependency Injection
    •  @Configuration and @Bean annotations
    •  Where is the magic? Inheritance-based proxies
    •  Equivalent to XML namespaces: @Enable annotations
    •  When to use Java configuration

    5  Bean Life Cycle: How Does Spring Work Internally?
    •  The init phase: available interceptors
    •  The init phase: what is the difference between XML, annotations, and Java configuration?
    •  What happens during bean post processing
    •  Use and destruction phases

    6  Testing a Spring-Based Application
    •  Spring and test-driven development
    •  @ContextConfiguration and @RunWith annotations
    •  Application context caching and the @DirtiesContext annotation
    •  Environment abstraction and bean definition profiles

    7  Aspect-Oriented Programming
    •  What problems does AOP solve?
    •  Differences between Spring AOP and AspectJ
    •  Defining pointcut expressions
    •  Implementing an advice: @Around, @Before, @After, and so on

    8  Data Access and JDBC with Spring
    •  How Spring integrates with existing data access technologies
    •  DataAccessException hierarchy
    •  Implementing caching using @Cacheable
    •  jdbc namespace and the Spring JdbcTemplate

    9  Database Transactions with Spring
    •  @Transactional annotation
    •  Transactions configuration: XML versus annotations
    •  Isolation levels, transaction propagation, and rollback rules
    •  Transactions and integration testing
    •  Should you use read-only transactions?

    10  Integrating Spring with JPA and Hibernate
    •  Quick introduction to ORM with JPA
    •  Benefits of using Spring with JPA
    •  JPA configuration in Spring
    •  PersistenceException versus the Spring DataAccessException

    11  Spring in a Web Application
    •  Configuring Spring in a Web application (using Spring MVC, Struts, JSF, and so on)
    •   namespace
    •  Introduction to Spring MVC
    •  Using @Controller and @RequestMapping annotations

    12  Spring Security
    •  What problems does Spring Security solve?
    •  Configuring authentication and intercepting URLs
    •  Spring Security tag library for JSPs
    •  Security at the method level
    •  Customizing the Spring Security filter chain

    13  Advanced Topics
    •  Remoting: Using Spring remoting and the Spring HttpInvoker for remote access
    •  JMS: Sending and receiving messages using the JmsTemplate
    •  JMX: Configuring Spring to export automatically MBeans and exporting a Spring bean as an MBean

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