VMware Horizon Mirage Fundamentals [V4.0]

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Course Description
Self-Paced (3.5 Hours)
This free eLearning course covers the main features and components in the Horizon Mirage solution and includes information on installing and configuring the Horizon Mirage solution, as well as performing common administrator tasks and end user tasks.

Objectives:   After completing the course, you should be able to:

•  Define Horizon Mirage concepts and components.
•  Explain how Horizon Mirage works.
•  List some of the key business challenges that Horizon Mirage solves.
•  Describe the main features and benefits of Horizon Mirage.
•  Describe the Mirage components and how they fit into the Horizon Mirage architecture.
•  Define the Horizon Mirage layers.
•  Discuss the tasks for configuring a Horizon Mirage System.
•  Describe the process for deploying Horizon Mirage to endpoints.
•  Recognize the main function of each of the Horizon Mirage common wizards.
•  Discuss the steps for capturing and assigning a Base Layer.
•  List the steps for capturing and assigning an App Layer.
•  Explain how an administrator uses the Disaster Recovery Wizard to restore a Central Virtualized Desktop (CVD).
•  Describe the high level tasks for performing a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration.
•  Recognize the main functions of the System Dashboard and how to use them to monitor your desktop deployment.
•  Explain how to use the Client Status window.
•  Describe how an end user performs a file-level restore and directory-level restore.
•  Discuss how the Snooze option works.
•  Recognize how the Sync Now option works.
Outline:   The course consists of five modules:
•  Introduction Horizon Mirage covers how Horizon Mirage works, some of the key business challenges it solves, its key features and benefits, and how to sell Horizon Mirage.

•  Components and Architecture discusses the Horizon Mirage solution components and the Horizon Mirage solution architecture.

•  Install and Configure Horizon Mirage explains how to install and configure your Horizon Mirage System.

•  Administrator Tasks explains common administrator tasks including: how to set up a reference machine, capture and assign base layers and application layers, the process for performing endpoint disaster recovery, how to perform a Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration, and how to monitor the Horizon Mirage System.

•  End User Tasks covers how to complete end user tasks including: how to use the information in the Client Status window, how to complete a file level and directory level restore, and how to use the Snooze and Sync Now options.