VMware Workstation: Fundamentals [V7.0]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 90 Minutes
This course will focus individuals who are new to VMware Workstation and cover introductory topics as well as provide foundation for understanding virtualization.

Objectives:    After completing this course, learners will be able to:
•  Understand the basic architecture of Workstation 7
•  Discuss the new features available in Workstation and the use cases
•  Install Workstation 7
•  Create a new virtual machine from an operating system image  
•  Install VMware Tools
•  Create a virtual machine and configure networking
•  Create, revert, and delete a virtual machine snapshot
•  Connect external USB devices to a virtual machine
•  Share files with the host operating system
•  Add a hard drive to a virtual machine and
•  Use the Unity feature
Intended Audience:    This course is intended for VMware Customers.
Prerequisites:    None
Outline:    VMware Workstation 7.0 Overview
•  How does it work?
•  Workstation vs ESX (Hosted vs bare metal architecture)
•  New features
•  Workstation Use cases

Getting Started with Workstation
•  Install Workstation - Demo
•  Navigate through Workstation window
•  Create a Virtual Machine – Guided Tour
•  Install VMware Tools - Demo
•  Configure Networking  - Demo

Working with Workstation
•  Using  USB devices - Demo
•  File Sharing
•  Record/Replay a VM
•  Snapshots – Guided Tour
•  Add a Hard Drive – Guided Tour
•  Unity - Demo