VMware Workstation: Advanced [V7.0]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 90 Minutes
This course will focus on individuals who have taken the Workstation Fundamentals course or have experience with Workstation and want a deeper understanding of the capabilities of Workstation.

Objectives:    After completing this course, learners will be able to:
•  Describe the Command line start up options
•  List the types of clones and clone a virtual machine
•  Describe Encryption and secure a virtual machine
•  Describe a Team and list the use cases
•  Setup and configure a Team of virtual machines
•  Configure and manage virtual networks
•  Describe Record/Replay, Replay debugging and Integrated virtual debugger add-ins
•  Configure Record/replay
•  Attach and run a debugger
•  Describe ACE and list its use cases
•  Create, Configure and deploy ACE packages
Intended Audience:    This course is intended for VMware Customers.
Prerequisites:    Workstation 7.0 Fundamentals
Outline:    Features for Advanced users

• Command line Startup options and Creating shortcuts
 Full Clone
 Linked clone
 Create a Linked clone - Demo

• Convert using Import/Export
 Conversion Process
 Convert a VM or a System Image
 Conversion wizard – How is it different from VM ware Converter?
 Import Your PC - Demo

•Secure your virtual machine
 Encryption – Why do you need it?
 Encrypt using VMware Workstation
 Restrictions on encryption

• Teams
 LAN segments
 Team configuration
 Setup and configure a Team – Guided Tour

• Configure and Manage virtual networks
 Virtual network editor
 Configure virtual networks – Guided Tour

Workstation for Software developers
• Replay debugging
 Configure Record/Replay – Demo
 Features – Record / Replay control dialog  box
•Virtual integrated debugger
 IDE Plug-in installation
 Debugger configuration
 Running the debugger

Workstation for IT Administrators
 Business need for ACE
 What is ACE?
 ACE – Key features and use cases
 Create and Deploy packages – Process
 ACE user interface – Navigation
 Create and deploy Pocket ACE packages – Demo
 Configure policies for Pocket ACE instances – Guided Tour