VMware vSphere Fundamentals 4.1

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 8 Hours
This course covers the key functions and components of VMware vSphere including the overall architecture, installation, vCenter and virtual machine management, networking, and storage.

Outline:    VMware vSphere Architecture
• vSphere Datacenter Architecture
• vCenter Server Architecture
• ESX 4.1 Architecture
• ESXi 4.1 Architecture
• vServices
• Impacts due to virtualization

VMware vSphere Installation
• Review of vSphere components
• VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 installation
• vSphere Client 4.1 installation
• vCenter Server 4.1 installation
• vSphere Licensing

vNetwork Overview
• vSphere Datacenter Architecture
• Standard Switch Architecture
• Distributed Switch Architecture
• Third-party Architecture

vNetwork Configuring Virtual Switches
• Create a Standard Virtual Switch
• Created a Distributed Virtual Switch
• Migrate Virtual Machines to a Distributed Virtual Switch

vNetwork Advanced Topics
• Private vLans
• Network I/O Control
• NIC Teaming

VMware vStorage Overview
• Describe VMware vStorage architecture
• Compare and contrast the types of physical storage that VMware cluster supports for ESX  
• Indicate the file system formats vSphere supports

Working with VMware vStorage
• Employ techniques to maximize space
• Manage space utilized by snapshots and virtual machines
• Ensure availability and performance for virtual machines

VMware vCenter Server Overview
• Discuss the key concepts of vCenter
• Review VMware vCenter architecture
• Explain Linked Mode
• Apply Host Profiles
• Illustrate VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Working with VMware vCenter Server
• Create and Configure a VMware vApp
• Configure Alarms and Events
• Monitor Performance

Creating Virtual Machines
• VM Architecture Review
• Create a New Virtual Machine
• Create Multiple Virtual Machines

Working with Virtual Machines
• Add and Remove VMs
• Work with Snapshots
• Use Update Manager to Patch VMs
• Import and Export VMs
• Migrate VMs
• Additional VM Administration Tasks