Transition to ESXi Essentials

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 4 Hours
This free eLearning course covers the requirements and effects of transitioning your VMware vSphere™ environment to VMware® ESXi. It provides the knowledge necessary to make fundamental design decisions and successfully add ESXi to a deployed vSphere environment. This course is based on ESXi 4.1.

Special Note: For those who prefer to learn this content in a classroom environment, whether virtual or face-to-face, there are several two-day classes scheduled worldwide.  For a fee, you will receive the added value of hands-on lab exercises as well as interaction with fellow students and an instructor.
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Objectives:    At the end of the course, you should be able to:
•  Identify ESXi installation and configuration procedures
•  Leverage scripting interfaces to manage ESXi
•  Identify risks when migrating to ESXi
Intended Audience:    System administrators, systems engineers, technical support engineers, and consultants responsible for managing and supporting a vSphere installation
Prerequisites:    Experience with VMware vSphere and VMware ESX™.
Outline:    Module 1: Transition to ESXi Overview
•  Inspect why ESXi and not ESX any more
•  Questions that customers might ask – when moving from ESX to ESXi

Module 2: Compare and Contrast VMware ESXi and VMware ESX
•  Identify differences between ESX and ESXi

Module 3: Install and Configure VMware ESXi
•  Analyze VMware ESXi Installable and ESXi Embedded editions
•  Install ESXi installable
•  Identify the tasks and procedures required to migrate to ESXi

Module 4: Script Interfaces and Command Line Tools
•  Discuss primary scripting interfaces
•  Install vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)
•  Identify the scripting interfaces and programming tools for ESXi
•  Identify differences for the commands that were used with ESX and what to use with ESXi
•  Recognize any custom commands implemented and how to substitute them with vCLI or power vCLI commands
Module 5: Management Tasks
•  Identify hardware monitoring techniques
•  Discuss system management
•  Identify the VMware back up tools
•  Distinguish the log files
•  Setup centralized logging
•  Recognize file management strategies
•  Analyze lockdown mode
•  Enable Tech Support Mode (TSM)