Virtualizing Oracle Database with VMware [V5.X] Customer

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 3 Hours
This free eLearning course facilitates the avoidance of the pitfalls commonly encountered when experienced VMware vSphere professionals cross the chasm of Tier-1 Oracle database virtualization.

Objectives:    After completing the course, you should be able to:

•  Describe how to design and implement Oracle database on VMware.  

•  Describe how to design for uptime and performance.

•  Discuss how to leveraging VMware products and technologies.

•  Discuss various Oracle licensing scenarios.
Outline:    The course consists of five modules:

•  Introduction to Tier-1 Oracle Database Virtualization discusses virtualization trends. This module also covers vSphere performance transparency and common objections to virtualization of an Oracle database.  

•  Physical Stack Fundamentals discusses Oracle licensing concepts. This module also covers reference architecture of Oracle database on vSphere. In addition to this, the module discusses several Storage, vSphere host, and networking concepts.

•  Virtual Machine Layer Fundamentals discusses how to implement guest operating system customization. This module also covers virtual storage presentation options. Finally, this module describes how to optimally install and configure Oracle.

•  Oracle Database on vSphere Prototype Project discusses project management concepts. It discusses how to baseline performance and select workload. This module also discusses how to replatform from RISC to x86. Finally, this module discusses the steps performed to validate the performance of a prototype.

•  Beyond the Prototype Implementation discusses how to virtualize Oracle Grid Control. This module also discusses disaster recovery, high availability, and security options. Furthermore, this module discusses the concepts related to Oracle RAC on VMware. Finally, this module talks about product lifecycle management and how to manage operations and capacity.