Recertification Policy Announced

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VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification validates your knowledge of key virtualization technology.

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New Network Virtualization Certification Track

The new Network Virtualization certifications validate your skills with and knowledge of NSX virtual networking. Learn more.

New exam to qualify candidates for VCAP5-DCD Certification

This new exam (exam code VDCD550) is based on vSphere v5.5, where the existing exam (exam code VDCD510) is based on vSphere v5.0. Passing either of these exams will earn VCAP5-DCD certification if you meet the other prerequisites. Learn more.

VMware Certification Exams 50% off at VMworld

All VCP and VCAP exams will be 50% off the regular price during VMworld.

Recertification Policy Announced

To ensure that all VCP holders maintain their proficiency and skills with the latest technology, VMware is instituting a recertification policy effective March 10, 2014. Learn more.

Certification requirements are subject to change.
Please carefully review all requirements for any certification exam you plan to take.