IT Business Management [V1.1] Fundamentals

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Course Description
Self-Paced (2 Hours)
The cloud has created some very specific expectations around how IT services should be made available, delivered, and operated. It has also created some very specific expectations around the need for financial transparency into the cost of cloud services, such as infrastructure cost of public versus private clouds, consumption of services by different groups and users, and so on.

Different stakeholders within the IT organization require different types of information to determine the value that IT services bring to business. VMware IT Business Management (ITBM) solution serves each stakeholder in the IT Services supply chain with a view to address key IT Business Management challenges. ITBM has three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise, which provide transparency and control over the cost and quality of IT services.

This eLearning course analyzes the VMware ITBM Standard Edition solution, describes the installation and configuration of ITBM Standard Edition, and describes how ITBM Standard Edition can be used to visualize and manage cloud costs.

Objectives:   At the end of this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

•  Identify the key functionality of ITBM Standard

•  Analyze the core business application of ITBM Standard

•  Describe how to install ITBM Standard

•  Describe how to configure ITBM Standard to automatically discover a vSphere environment and manage the costs of a heterogeneous hybrid cloud
•  Describe how to use ITBM Standard to understand the consumption of cloud resources in your environment, compare cloud costs, and gather data regarding hybrid cloud costs
Outline:   This course consists of three modules:

•  VMware IT Business Management Solution Overview
•  Install and Configure ITBM Standard
•  Use ITBM Standard