VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0] - Lab Connect

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Course Description
Lab (30 Days)
This is a cloud-based lab environment which includes all of the labs from the NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0] course. This self-paced environment is available for 30 days or 30 hours of active time, whichever expires first. The environment consists of 18 labs detailed below.

•  Lab 1: Configuring NSX Manager
•  Lab 2: Configuring and Deploying an NSX Controller Cluster
•  Lab 3: Preparing for Virtual Networking
•  Lab 4: Configuring and Testing Logical Switch Networks
•  Lab 5: Configuring and Deploying an NSX Distributed Router
•  Lab 6: Deploying an NSX Edge Services Gateway and Configuring Static Routing
•  Lab 7: Configuring and Testing Dynamic Routing on NSX Edge Appliances
•  Lab 8: Configuring and Testing Network Address Translation on an NSX Edge Services Gateway
•  Lab 9: Configuring Load Balancing with NSX Edge Gateway.
•  Lab 10: Advanced Load Balancing
•  Lab 11: Configuring NSX Edge High Availability
•  Lab 12: Configuring Layer 2 VPN Tunnels
•  Lab 13: Configuring IPsec Tunnels
•  Lab 14: Configuring and Testing SSL VPN-Plus
•  Lab 15: Using NSX Edge Firewall Rules to Control Network Traffic.
•  Lab 16: Using NSX Distributed Firewall Rules to Control Network Traffic
•  Lab 17: Using Flow Monitoring
•  Lab 18: Managing NSX Users and Roles