Sneak Peek – On Demand Classroom for VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6]

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Course Description
Self-Paced (60 Minutes)
This Sneak Peek provides access to the some of the materials provided as part of the VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] On Demand course. The course introduction as well as portions of the module on Access Control are provided. Guide Me Videos are provided to show the lab exercises that are performed as part of the course.

For more details on the full version of the course including details about what is covered in each module, please view the course description.  

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•  Course Overview
•  Course Navigation
•  Course Learning Objectives
•  Summary

MODULE: Access Control
•  Access Control Overview
•  Users and Groups
•  Roles
•  Objects
•  Permissions
•  Viewing Roles and Assignments
•  Applying Permissions
•  Lesson Summary

•  Log In to the Student Desktop
•  License the vCenter Server System and the ESXi Host
•  Configure vCenter Server Appliance to Use Directory Services
•  Use vSphere Web Client to Add the Domain Admin Group to Administrators
•  Create a Custom Role in vCenter Server
•  Assign Permissions on vCenter Server Inventory Objects
•  Verify Permission Usability