vFabric tc Server Essentials

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2.5 Hours

This free 2.5 hour eLearning training provides an introduction to the features of tc Server, its architecture, how to install tc Server, and the basic and advanced runtime configuration of tc Server. In addition, the course also describes tc Server integration with Hyperic.

tc Server FundamentalsvFabric tc Server  is a web application server based on open source Apache Tomcat. It adds features to Tomcat such as operations management and advanced diagnostics. tc Server has a very lightweight footprint so it is ideal for virtualized environment.

Objectives:    After this eLearning training, students will be able to:
  • Define tc Server
  • Describe the components of tc Server architecture
  • Explain various installation scenarios
  • Explain instance creation and maintenance
  • Describe templates
  • Explain how to upgrade existing tc Runtime Instances to 2.5
  • Describe the integration of tc Server with Hyperic
  • Describe the process to download, install and configure tc Server CLI
  • Describe variable substitution in configuration files
  • Explain configuration management using Hyperic Web
  • Recognize shared library locations
  • Add database drivers from shared library locations
  • Deploy applications by using the Hyperic GUI or the CLI
  • Configure high concurrency DB connection pools in the Hyperic
  • Enable diagnostic valves on tc Server instances
  • Describe the different methods to perform password encryption
Outline:    Module 1: vFabric tc Server Introduction and Features
This module provides introduction to tc Server and its architecture.

Module 2: Installation and Instances
This module covers tc Server Runtime installation process and creation and maintenance of instances.

Module 3: Integration with Hyperic
In this module, you will learn about the integration of tc Server with Hyperic. You will also learn about user permissions for tc Server in Hyperic. Additionally, you will learn to download, install, and configure tc Server command-line interface (CLI).

Module 4: Basic Configuration
In this module, you will learn about variable substitution in configuration files and configuration management using Hyperic Web. You will also learn about the process to set Java virtual machine or JVM options manually and push and pull configuration files using the CLI.

Module 5: Application Deployment
In this module, you will learn about shared library locations and deploying applications by using Hyperic GUI and CLI.

Module 6: Advanced tc Runtime Configuration
In this module, you will learn about high concurrency DB connection pools, diagnostics valve and password encryption.

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