What's New in Spring [V1.0]

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- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, Onsite
- Length: 3 Days
This comprehensive three day course will give you
an update on the new features introduced in the
Spring Framework 3.x versions. Additional to that,
you will also get an overview of the latest changes in
some of the other Spring projects and also a quick
look at the Spring Framework 4 including the Java 8
support. Topics include:
• Annotation and Java based Spring
• Concurrency and scheduling
• New Spring features in a Servlet 3.x container
• Advanced Spring MVC configuration (XML and
• Spring MVC out-of-container testing
• Spring Security 3
• REST Web Services with Spring MVC
• Data Access with Spring (Spring Data)
• Spring 4 and Java 8
• Introduction to Spring Boot

Objectives:    By the end of the course,you should be able to meet the following objectives:
• Know the most important changes since Spring
Framework version 2.5
• The benefits and the tradeoffs you will get, if you upgrade Spring in your projects.
• Have a good understanding of the new Spring Data Access capabilities, including the Spring Data projects and the Spring method caches
• Be able to decide which configuration format is best for you project and/or module
• Basic understanding and practical examples of
Java 8 features like lambda expressions and
functional interfaces.
• New features in Servlet 3 (Tomcat 7) and how
you can use them in Spring.
• Use the enhanced testing support of the Spring
Framework 3.x to speed up development.
Intended Audience:    Spring Developers, who want to learn about the new features of Spring 3.x and also get an overview of Spring 4.
Prerequisites:    • Willingness to participate in a demanding, high-intensity training experience
• Comfort with Java programming and prior Spring
Framework versions (2.x)