Getting Started with vSphere Web Client Solution Programming - Bootcamp

Classroom Schedule
- Format: Classroom
- Length: 5 Days
This boot camp contains modules designed to teach you how to create your own plug-ins to the vSphere Web Client, creating extensions to to the UI and mid-tier layers, allowing you to manage you or your organization's proprietary component of the VMware Ecosystem using VMware's industry-standard interface.

Objectives:    The Strategic objective of this course is to provide VMware Engineering Ecosystem Partners’ Engineers
with the skills and knowledge needed to add their proprietary management content into the vSphere
management environment so that their customers can manage the partner’s proprietary solutions via
VMware’s vSphere Web Client.

Intended Audience:    Any developer that wants to create extensions to the vSphere Web Client to manage their proprietary solution in the VMware Ecosystem (for example: security / storage / automation solutions).
Prerequisites:    For students to succeed in this class, at a minimum, they must meet the following prerequisites:
* Understand event-driven programming concepts
* Understand the Spring Framework
* Be familiar with XML, Flex, and Java

They must also understand all of the concepts and have mastered the skills present in the VMware Fundamentals for Developers course.
Outline:    The modules in this boot camp include:
* Overview of the vSphere Web Client (mandatory)
* Deploying a vSphere Web Client Development Environment
* Designing New vSphere Web Client Solutions (mandatory)
* Creating UI Extensions
* Creating Mid-tier Extensions (Creating Java Services, Extending the Data Service, and Implementing Actions)
* Packaging and Deploying Plug-Ins