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- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, Onsite
- Length: 3 Days
This comprehensive 3 day course will provide students with the skills needed to leverage Spring XD for data ingestion in a Big Data environment. The hands on training covers installation and administration of Spring XD; usage of the Spring XD Shell; creating, configuring, deploying, and scaling streams and jobs; as well as the development of custom modules including sinks, sources and jobs. Students will learn how to configure the product for various deployment scenarios, including high availability, distributed mode, and deployment to YARN.

At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring XD and associated technologies for Big Data processing and be able to:
• Install Spring XD
• Understand Spring XD architecture
• Create and leverage Spring XD Streams
• Create and leverage Spring XD Jobs
• Customize Spring XD modules
• Configure Spring XD for high-availability
• Use management and monitoring features of Spring XD