EVO:RAIL Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 1.5 Hours
This eLearning course on EVO:RAIL  provides an overview on EVO:RAIL and explains its features and benefits.

The course will also describe the deployment, configuration, and management of EVO:RAIL in a software-defined data center (SDDC).

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Explain the primary purpose of EVO:RAIL.
-  Explain the initial deployment of EVO:RAIL.
-  Explain the process of managing a virtual machine through the EVO:RAIL management console.
Prerequisites:    It is recommended that learners complete the following prerequisite course:
-  Data Center Virtualization
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction
2.  EVO:RAIL Overview
3.  EVO:RAIL Deployment and Management