VMware AirWatch: Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions

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- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, vFlex-ILT, Onsite
- Length: 2 Days
This two-day course will provide you with the skills required to configure and provision VMware AirWatch® cloud deployments. It will cover the enablement of containerized applications, deployment and management of corporate email, and integration with enterprise resources. You will access hands-on labs and learn best practices for mobile deployment, with a focus on how to deploy and manage VMware AirWatch applications.

Students who complete this course and pass the accreditation exam may enroll in the VMware AirWatch: Install and Deploy On-Premise Solutions course.

VMware AirWatch: Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions is also available as an On Demand course. For information on that course, follow this link: VMware AirWatch: Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions - On Demand.

Students should bring their own devices to class to complete the lab exercises.  Anyone using an iOS device should ensure they are running iOS 10+ for optimal performance.

This course is only recommended for those who are using AirWatch version 8.5 or earlier.  If you are using a newer version, please choose a course from the following page.  

Product Alignment
•  VMware AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management™

Objectives:    By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Configure and provision cloud deployments
•  Learn VMware AirWatch best practices for mobile deployments
•  Integrate with enterprise resources by installing VMware Enterprise Systems Connector™  
•  Enable containerized applications to securely connect with back-end resources through use of VMware Unified Access Gateway™  
•  Deploy and manage corporate email through integration with Windows PowerShell or through the use of AirWatch® Secure Email Gateway™
Intended Audience:    VMware AirWatch administrators, IT staff, sales engineers, consultants, support and helpdesk personnel, solutions architects, solutions engineers, and VMware AirWatch installers and implementation specialists
Prerequisites:    This course requires completion of the following course:
•   VMware AirWatch: Configure and Manage
Outline:    1  Enterprise Systems Connector
2  Integrate and Configure with Directory Services
3  Secure Mobile Devices with Certificates
4  Unified Access Gateway
5  AirWatch Secure Email Gateway
6  Windows PowerShell Configuration
7  Integrating with Android Enterprise
8  Enrollment Options for Mobile Device Management
9  Create Web, Application, and Device Kiosks
10  Reports, Analytics, and Telecom Management
11  VMware Identity Manager Overview
12  AppConfig Community
13  AirWatch Content Locker Advanced
14  Next Steps