VMware Mirage Fundamentals [V5.X]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2 Hours
This free eLearning course on VMware Mirage [V5.X] will provide you with a fundamental understanding of VMware Mirage, including the business challenges that this product intends to solve.

The course will start by providing an overview of the key concepts of VMware Mirage, its components and architecture, and the installation and configuration process. We’ll then take a journey through the various administrator and end user tasks that can be performed in VMware Mirage. Finally, we’ll help you relate to the business scenarios in which VMware Mirage can be deployed.

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Explain how VMware Mirage works.
-  Describe the process of installing VMware Mirage.
-  Describe the process of configuring VMware Mirage.
-  List the key business challenges and solutions offered by VMware Mirage.
-  Describe the administrator tasks in VMware Mirage.
-  Describe the end user tasks in VMware Mirage.
-  List the VMware Mirage target use cases.
Prerequisites:    It is recommended that learners complete the following prerequisite course:

-  Workforce Mobility Fundamentals
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction
-  Course Overview
-  Navigation
-  Course Objectives

2.  Introduction to VMware Mirage
-  Key Concepts of VMware Mirage
-  How VMware Mirage Works
-  VMware Mirage Components
-  VMware Mirage Architecture

3.  Install and Configure VMware Mirage
-  Prepare for Deployment
-  PrepForMigration – SCSI controller issue
-  Policy Restrictions
-  Volume Health Check
-  Auto Layer Integrity Report
-  File Portal/Web Upgrade
-  VMware Mirage Installation
-  Accessing the Mirage Management Console
-  Transform Assets into Central Services
-  Broker Services Centrally by Policy
-  Deliver Multi-Device Access

4.  Key Business Challenges and Solutions
-  Market Opportunities
-  Key Selling Points for VMware Mirage
-  Solving Business Challenges

5.  Administrator and End User Tasks
-  Administrator Tasks
-  Base Layer Planning
-  Software Licensing
-  Setting Up the System
-  Setting Up Reference Machine
-  Capture and Assign Base Layers
-  Capture and Assign Application Layers
-  Disaster Recovery
-  Windows Migration
-  Monitor Desktop Deployment
-  Bandwidth Limitation
-  Alarms
-  One MSI Server Upgrade
-  User Profile Migration
-  In-place Migration
-  Win 7 to 8 Provisioning
-  CVD History Events
-  End User Tasks
-  File Level Restore
-  VMware Mirage Status
-  Snooze Option