VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals 2016

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 4 Hours
This Network Virtualization course focuses on the technology area of network virtualization and security, and will target the VMware® NSX platform.

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Describe VMware’s SDDC architecture
-  Explain the benefits of VMware NSX network virtualization
-  Describe the main components, features, and services of VMware NSX
-  Understand VMware NSX use cases (network security, IT automation, and application continuity)
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction

2.  Introduction to SDDC and Network Virtualization
-  Introduction to SDDC
-  Current State of Network Virtualization and Challenges in the Industry
-  Network Virtualization Overview

3.  VMware NSX Components and Services
-  VMware NSX Components
-  vSphere Networking Overview
-  VMware NSX Logical Switching
-  VMware NSX Logical Routing
-  NSX Edge Services

4.  VMware NSX Security
-  VMware NSX Security Overview
-  Logical Firewalls
-  Service Composer

5.  VMware NSX Use Cases
-  Why Businesses Need VMware NSX
-  Security Use Cases
-  IT Automation Use Cases
-  Application Continuity and Disaster Recovery Use Cases