VMware vSAN™ and HCI Fundamentals

- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 1 Hours
This course begins with the concept of software-defined datacenter, software-defined storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure, then reviews traditional vSphere’s storage solutions and introduces vSAN as a new addition to the solutions. The course also discusses vSAN’s architecture, relationships between components and some basic concepts. This course explains the major vSAN technologies that fulfill workload requirements, and discusses the key features and common use cases of vSAN.

Objectives:    After completing this course, you should be able to:

-  Explain how VMware vSAN™ enhances hyper-converged solutions
-  Articulate the benefits of using vSAN as vSphere storage solution
-  Describe vSAN architecture and relationships between components
-  Explain how vSAN features are used in the common use cases
-  Determine if vSAN is a good fit for your organization
Outline:    1.  VMware vSAN™ and HCI Fundamentals
o  Introduction
o  Course Objectives
o  Course Outline

2.  Introducing vSAN and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
o  Introduction
o  Module Objectives
o  Software-Defined Data Center
o  Software-Defined Storage
o  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
o  vSphere Datastore
o  vSphere Traditional Storage Architecture: VMFS and NFS
o  vSphere Virtual Volumes
o  Traditional Storage vs. vSphere Virtual Volumes
o  Introduction to vSAN
o  Storage Policy-Based Management
o  vSAN and vSphere Virtual Volumes
o  Components of the VMware SDDC
o  vSAN Feature Highlights
o  vSAN Use Cases
o  Benefits
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Review of Module Objectives

3.  Understanding vSAN Architecture and Components
o  Introduction
o  Module Objectives
o  vSAN Cluster
  vSAN Cluster
  Disk Groups
  vSAN Datastore
  Scalable Architecture
  All-Flash Architecture
  Hybrid Architecture
  Control and Virtual Data Planes
o  vSAN Objects and Components
  vSAN and Object-Based Storage
  vSAN Object Types
  Components
  Component Distribution
o  vSAN Fault Tolerance
  Number of Failures to Tolerate
  Witness
  Fault Domains
o  vSAN Network
  vSAN Network Overview
  Unicast Networking
  vSAN with vSphere Standard Switch
  vSAN with vSphere Distributed Switch
o  Setting Up vSAN
  Requirements for Setting Up a vSAN Cluster
  vSphere Host Requirements
  vSAN Minimums and Maximums
  Check Your Understanding
  Check Your Understanding
  Check Your Understanding
  Check Your Understanding
  Check Your Understanding
  Additional Resources
  Review of Module Objectives
4.  Using vSAN
o  Introduction
o  Module Objectives
o  Stretched Clusters and Two-Node Cluster
  Fault Domains
  About Stretched Clusters
  Use Cases
  Stretched Clusters Architecture
  Preferred and Secondary Site of Stretched Clusters
  Local and Remote Failure Protection
  Site Affinity
  Two-Node Cluster
  Use Case
  Two-Node with Direct Connect
o  Capabilities and VM Storage Policies
  vSAN Capabilities in VM Storage Policy
  vSAN Capabilities in Rules
  Assigning Storage Policies
  vSAN Default Storage Policy
  Defining Quality of Service Using Policy
  Defining Data Integrity Using Policies
  Use Cases
o  Space Efficiency
  Deduplication and Compression
  Enabling Deduplication and Compression
  RAID 5/6 (Erasure Coding)
  Sparse Swap
o  Management
  Secure Data with vSAN Data-At-Rest Encryption
  Ease of Day 0, 1 and 2 Operations
  vSAN Easy Install
  vSAN Configuration Assist
  About vSAN Health Service and Performance Service
  vSAN Health Service
  Cloud Analytics
  vSAN Performance Service
  Capacity Reports
o  Additional Features
  Management with vSAN API and PowerCLI
  vRealize Operations Management Pack for vSAN
  Performance-Based Snapshot: vsanSparse
o  Use Cases
  Use Cases
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Check Your Understanding
o  Additional Resources
o  Review of Module Objectives
o  Sales Readiness Briefcase