Wavefront by VMware Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 3 Hours
This course provides an overview of the power of Wavefront by VMware.  This course teaches you the value of Wavefront and how to use the query language, dashboards, charts, alerts, and events to gain a better understanding of the performance of your environment.

Objectives:    At the end of this course you should be able to:
Explain the benefits on Wavefront by VMware
Describe how Dashboards work in Wavefront
Explain the Time Series Query Language (TSQL)
Describe how to create an advanced alerting system
Outline:    Module 1: Introduction to Wavefront
Module 2: User Interface
                Navigating Wavefront
                Permissions and Managing your User Profile
                Introduction to Dashboards
                Introduction to Alerts
                Introduction to Integrations
                Searching Content in Wavefront
                Leveraging Documentation
Module 3: Interacting with Dashboards
                What is a Chart?
                Setting Time Windows
                Interacting with Charts and Dashboards
                Sharing Interactive Content
                Creating New Charts
                Editing Dashboards
                Chart Modifications
Module 4: How Data is Stored in Wavefront
                Wavefront Data Format
                Metrics retention
Module 5: Time Series Query Language
                Introduction to the TSQL
                Wavefront Query Basics
                Browsing Metrics
                Query Creation Options
                Introduction to Advanced Functions
                Query Wizard: Leveraging Query Recipes
Module 6: Alerts
                Monitoring your data via alerts
                Creating Alerts
                Creating a Maintenance Window
                Alerting States and Lifecycles
                Severity Levels
Module 7: Events
                Introduction to Events
                Creating an Event
                Controlling Event Displays