VMware NSX: What’s New [V6.4]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 10 Hours
This video-based training provides the details of the new features and product enhancements in NSX V6.4.  The course walks you through the benefits of the new features, how to make use of the new functionality, and in some cases, how to troubleshoot these new capabilities.

Objectives:    •  Describe the Update Coordinator
•  Plan and upgrade an NSX environment with the Upgrade Coordinator
•  List the changes made to the NSX dashboard
•  Explain how the inclusion of SoftRSS helps layer 2 bridging
•  Describe the changes in HA Failover Operations in NSX V6.4
•  List the L2VPN enhancements made to an edge managed by NSX
•  List the enhancements to IPSec VPN introduced in NSX V6.4
•  Describe the use cases for context-aware firewall
•  Describe the use cases for enhanced IDFW framework
Outline:    Module 1: Upgrade Coordinator
•  Upgrade Coordinator
Module 2: Logical Routing Enhancements
•  NAT64
•  GRE Tunnel
•  Routing Enhancements
•  High Availability Enhancements
Module 3: VPN Enhancements
•  Standalone L2VPN Client Resiliency
•  L2VPN Operational Enhancements
•  IPSec
Module 4: NSX Security
•  Context Aware Firewall
•  Microsegmentation for RDSH
•  Additional Security Enhancements
Module 5: Serviceability and Operations
•  General Enhancements
•  Dashboard Enhancements
•  Cross-VC Enhancements
•  Packet Capture Enhancements
•  Operations Enhancements
•  Support Bundle and Host Preparation
•  Capacity Dashboard
•  Logging Enhancements