VMware vCloud NFV Foundations with vCloud Director [V8.x]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2.5 Hours
This course is an introduction to the VMware vCloud® NFV™ solution. It begins with an explanation of the benefits of data center virtualization, and how vCloud NFV allows Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to achieve the benefits of virtualization. Then, the course covers the ETSI framework for Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and how vCloud NFV allows CSPs to implement this architecture. Students will learn about the prominent current use cases for vCloud NFV and how vCloud NFV supports multitenancy. Then, the course introduces VMware vSphere™, VMware NSX™, and VMware vSAN ™ technologies and their respective components and architectures, and explains how these components work together to provide a platform solution. Students will also learn how VMware vCloud® Director™ performs the function of the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) as described by the ETSI framework. Finally, this course covers the various components of vCloud NFV that provide operations management capabilities.

Objectives:    After completing this course, you should be able to:

•  Explain the benefits of data center virtualization
•  Describe the importance of ETSI Standards and 5G initiatives to the telecommunications industry
•  Explain the purpose and function of vCloud NFV as it relates to ETSI guidelines
•  Describe vCloud NFV architecture as it relates to ETSI architecture and the challenges faced by CSPs
•  Explain the goals of current vCloud NFV use cases
•  Describe the relationship between network virtualization concepts and vCloud NFV
•  Describe the functionality of vCloud NFV components
Outline:    1.  vCloud NFV Foundations with vCloud Director
•  Course Objectives
•  Purpose of vCloud NFV
•  Course Outline
•  Course Prerequisites

2.  Introduction to Network Functions Virtualization with vCloud NFV
•  Virtualization Benefits and CSP Challenges
•  The NFV ETSI Framework
•  The VMware vCloud NFV Solution

3.  NFVI Foundation
•  Server Virtualization with vSphere
•  Network Virtualization with NSX
•  Storage Virtualization with vSAN
•  vCloud Director as a VIM
•  FCAPS Management