VMware Digital Workspace: Core Technical Skills

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Course Datasheet
- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 365 Days

**Please Note - This course requires a Premium subscription to VMware Customer Connect Learning.  Click here to purchase this subscription to gain access to this course.

In this two-day self-paced course, candidates new to or entry level employees of the VMware’s End User Computing (EUC) solutions can learn the baseline knowledge and skills of the core products in the portfolio. Through a series of targeted, self-paced modules, the candidate will learn about VMware Workspace ONE UEM, VMware Workspace ONE Access, VMware Horizon, VMware App Volumes, and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

Objectives:    By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Describe the Digital Workspace and its core products
•  Summarize virtualization and the concept of a virtual machine
•  Review EUC architecture
•  Navigate administrative consoles for Horizon, Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Access
•  Monitor virtual desktops and Workspace ONE managed devices across the respective consoles
•  Manage writable volume assignments with App Volumes
•  Verify user settings in Dynamic Environment Manager
•  Manage applications with Workspace ONE UEM
•  Perform basic endpoint enrollment in Workspace ONE UEM
Intended Audience:    Operators across core EUC solutions, including App Volumes, Dynamic Environment Manger, Horizon, Workspace ONE Access, and Workspace ONE UEM
Outline:    1  Digital Workspace Overview
2  Introduction to Virtual Machines
3  How Virtualization Works
4  vSphere and the Software Defined Data Center
5  VM Virtual Hardware
6  Overview of vSphere Clusters
7  Introduction to Horizon
8  Horizon Architecture
9  Working with Horizon Administrator
10  Horizon Pools
11  VMware Horizon Client
12  Monitor Horizon with Horizon Administrator
13  Monitor Horizon with Helpdesk Tool
14  Introduction to App Volumes
15  App Volumes Architecture
16  Manage Application Assignments with App Volumes
17  Manage Writable Volume Assignments with App Volumes
18  Introduction to VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
19  Navigate through Dynamic Environment Manager Consoles
20  Verify User Settings with Helpdesk Tool
21  Gather Horizon Agent Logs
22  Unified Endpoint Management Fundamentals
23  Workspace ONE Components
24  Navigating the Workspace ONE UEM Console
25  Navigating the Workspace ONE Access Console
26  Managing Web Apps in Workspace ONE Access
27  Monitoring with Workspace ONE Intelligence
28  Enrollment with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
29  Manage Endpoints in Workspace ONE UEM
30  Users and Assignment Groups in Workspace ONE UEM
31  Profiles and Compliance Policies for Devices
32  Email Access
33  Content Access
34  Application Management
35  Certification Information