VMware Certified Design Expert 7 — Cloud Management and Automation (VCDX7-CMA)

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification. This elite group of VCDX professionals is comprised of design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments.

Earning the new VCDX7-CMA certification from VMware will validate your skills in designing, planning, and integrating world-class VMware vSphere and vCloud Management and Automation solutions and driving true business value through VMware Cloud Management platforms.

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VCDX7-CMA Certification Requirements
+ Path 1: If you hold a valid VCIX7-CMA badge:
1: Review and understand the blueprint, including the specific VCIX requirements.
2: Select and build a design, based on the guidance in the blueprint.
4: Pass the application and design review.
5: Successfully defend the design against three panelists.
VCDX7-CMA Certification Requirements
+ Path 1: If you hold VCDX-Cloud or VCDX-CMA:
1: Required Prerequisite: VCDX-Cloud or VCDX-CMA
2: VCAP7-CMA Design certification
+ Path 2: If you hold a VCDX in a track other than CMA:
1: Required Prerequisite: VCDX in any other track (any version)
2: VCIX7-CMA badge (VCAP7-CMA Design certification required)
3: Review and understand the blueprint.
4: Select and build a design, based on the guidance in the blueprint.
6: Pass the application and design review.
7: Successfully defend the design in a one-hour phone interview.

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If I have more than one VCDX, can I take any VCAP Design exam to upgrade?

The tracks are all individual, so to upgrade your VCDX, you will need to take the VCAP Design exam in that track. For example, if you are a VCDX-Cloud, regardless of how many other VCDXs you hold, you will need to pass the VCAP7-CMA Design exam to upgrade to VCDX7-CMA.

What are the costs associated with the VCDX program?

There are two separate fees: An Application Fee of $995 USD is collected when you have submitted a complete application package. If the application is accepted for a defense before the VCDX Panel, a Defense Fee of $3000 USD will be due. Fees are subject to change.

Any and all costs related to traveling to a design defense are the candidate's responsibility.

Did I miss the VCDX6-CMA?

No. Since the VMware Cloud products are up to v7.x, we built the blueprint around the most current versions of the VMware solutions. If you have a design based on v6, you may still apply under the previous VCDX-CMA version.

Can I submit a design based on vCloud Director?

Yes. Our new blueprint and scoring rubrics will support designs based on either VMware vRealize Automation, VMware vCloud Director, or VMware vSphere Integrated OpenStack-based solutions.

I am a new candidate in the CMA track and so need both VCAP exams. When will the VCIX7-CMA badge be available?

The VCAP7-CMA Deployment certification is currently under development. It will out soon, and the VCIX7-CMA will be available for new candidates at the same time the new VCAP will release.