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Livefire training provides a unique opportunity for experienced VMware practitioners to gain a thorough understanding of how to implement end-to-end VMware solutions in the real world and unlock the full value of the VMware product portfolio.

  Livefire Training

Delivered as an expert-led workshop, Livefire training focuses on product integration challenges when building a solution. Attendees typically have extensive knowledge of individual VMware products as well as field experience, but need to take their skills to the next level – gaining the knowledge and confidence to tackle real-world integration challenges.

The high caliber of attendees allows us to deep-dive into integration topics and workshop real-world challenges that attendees may have faced in the field. Livefire training is not teacher to student, but expert to expert; giving you intelligent discussions, real-life challenges, and experience based knowledge sharing.

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Livefire - Hybrid Cloud

This course provides students with the experience of implementing and deploying a hybrid cloud SDDC solution. The course will cover architectural considerations, product integrations, business solutions, technical challenges and workarounds. This class features discussion, presentations, whiteboarding and labs.

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