Intel: VMware Technical Sales Professional 5 (VTSP 5)

Learn how to position and sell VMware products and solutions to your customers, discuss strengths & benefits of key product technical features and guide customers through product evaluations. Get started with the training below:

FREE VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP)

VTSP is FREE presales focused foundational technical training curriculum that provides partners who are new to selling VMware solutions information and presales technical knowledge to help them engage in the technical sales cycle. VTSP will help participants efficiently install and evaluate VMware products in a learning environment before engaging customers, then qualify customers by providing technical requirements, influencers, and best practices.

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Plan Details

1. VMware vSphere: Architecture [V5.0]
• Self-Paced
2. VMware vSphere: vNetworks [V5.0] (60 mins)
• Self-Paced
3. VMware vSphere: vStorage [V5.0]
• Self-Paced
4. VMware vSphere: vCenter [V5.0]
• Self-Paced
5. VMware vSphere: VM Management [V5.0]
• Self-Paced