Pivotal Certifications

The perfect way to demonstrate your proficiency with the Pivotal product portfolio is to obtain an industry-recognized Pivotal Certification. When you become a Pivotal Certified Professional, you will have one of the most valuable credentials in the industry.

Pivotal Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist

Enterprise Spring architects and developers who have completed the Enterprise Integration with Spring class or the Enterprise Spring class are eligible to take the Pivotal Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist exam. Passing the exam demonstrates your understanding of enterprise application integration with Spring and validates your familiarity with:

  • Creating concurrent applications and scheduling tasks using Spring
  • Using Serialization and Remoting to call remote applications
  • XML
  • SOAP and REST Web services
  • JMS for asynchronous communication
  • Distributed transactions
  • Spring Batch for Enterprise Integration based on batch processing
  • Spring Integration for Pipes-and-Filters integration

Become a Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist

You must complete two validation components to become a Pivotal Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist:

  1. Complete the Enterprise Integration with Spring OR Enterprise Spring training with Pivotal or a Certified Partner.
  2. Pass the Enterprise Integration Specialist exam (also known as the Enterprise Spring exam).

Required Coursework