VMware Certified Design Expert 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCDX5-DCV)

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VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification. This elite group is comprised of design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments and the program is designed for veteran professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise in VMware technology.

VCDX5-DCV certification is achieved through the unique design defense process, where all candidates must submit and successfully defend a production-ready VMware Solution before a panel of veteran VCDX-DCV holders. This process ensures that those who achieve VCDX status are peer-vetted and ready to join an elite group of world-class consulting architects.

Note: This certification retired on 9 June 2017.


Follow the path below to earn your VCDX5-DCV Certification

1 Required Prerequisite: Valid VCP5 level certification and VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD certified
vSphere: Design Workshop [V5.x]
* Completion is RECOMMENDED
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2 Submit and successfully defend a data center virtualization design and get certified
VMware Certified Design Expert 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCDX5-DCV) Design Defense Download Application


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