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These free webinars connect you directly with VMware’s own expert training team, making it easier to take full advantage of VMware® products, from data center virtualization and hybrid cloud, to network virtualization and the software-defined data center.

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AirWatch Architecture Best Practices

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016

Time: 8:00 – 9:00 am PST, 11:00 – 12:00 pm EST


Join this session to gain insight into how you can keep your skills at the cutting edge and your career on track in the world of software-defined data center (SDDC).

Learn about the AirWatch platform architecture designed to meet deployment complexities, security requirements and mobile growth, built with industry leading technology to facilitate seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, services and applications.

Speaker: Roy D. McCord, Lead Implement Consultant, AirWatch

Roy has served as an AirWatch consultant for over three years. He has directed AirWatch implementations across numerous verticals, with device counts ranging from the hundreds to hundred-thousands. He currently leads a team of ten talented consultants on enterprise mobility implementations and also heads up AirWatch’s custom SOW team. Roy received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Computer Engineering, as well as an MBA, from Georgia Tech.

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Yes, You Really Need VMware NSX

Have you deployed VMware NSX and want to know what it can really do for you? Or maybe you’re considering it and just want to learn more. Come join us and explore how to get the most from your VMware NSX solution. We’ll also present tips and techniques to help you prepare for certification.

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Design and Deploy: Get the most from your VMware Investment

Join the VMware Education Team as they discuss key elements of Design as they relate to VMware products and how you can obtain the expertise to design and deploy world class VMware software implementations.

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Horizon 6 View 6.2 Features and Basic Troubleshooting

This webcast starts with a focused and concise overview of Horizon 6 View 6.2’s most important features. Followed by troubleshooting tips for Horizon client connectivity, desktop availability, View Server challenges, and desktop performance.

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vSphere V6 Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Did you know that vSphere V6 launched more than 650 new features and innovations? This webinar shares troubleshooting techniques to help you be better prepared to take advantage of what vSphere V6 can offer.

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Did You Miss VMworld US This Year Or Need A Recap?

This webcast provides a recap of VMworld US 2015 for Education Services. Hear an overview of key product announcements and how VMware training and certification is aligned.

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A Technical Overview of Virtual Volumes

Virtual Volumes is revolutionizing the storage industry by bringing the focus away from the simple capabilities of your storage infrastructure to the requirements of your applications. For the first time, we can now establish service level agreements for the delivery of storage resources. In this 1 hour webinar, learn how Virtual Volumes:

  • Simplifies Storage Operations
  • Simplifies Delivery of Service Levels
  • Improves Resource Utilization
  • Enables application-centric storage automation.
  • Allows the requirements of your application to control demands for storage resources.

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Troubleshooting Strategies for vSphere V6

This webinar will focus on troubleshooting strategies and best practices utilizing VMware® ESXi™ 6.0, and VMware® vCenter Server™ 6.0. We will utilize the VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface (vCLI) and graphical user interfaces to identify and resolve configuration and operational issues. Specific strategies will be discussed for:

  • Networking
  • Storage
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • VMware ESXi host
  • VMware vSphere HA Cluster
  • VMware vSphere vMotion

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Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX

In a software defined data center, a zero trust security model becomes achievable when taking advantage of features in VMware NSX. Watch this one hour webinar to learn more about the major features and capabilities of VMware NSX 6.1, including:

  • Logical switching
  • Distributed routing
  • Micro-segmentation with the Distributed firewall

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Brian Waltrous

Designing a Virtual Infrastructure Architecture

Anyone interested in exploring and understanding the issues and technologies involved in designing a VMware vSphere® 5 virtual infrastructure should attend this FREE webinar. Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the requirements, constraints, and assumptions that factor into a virtual infrastructure architecture
  • What the major architectural components are in a design
  • Which deliverables are likely to be included in a design

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Jerry Davis

Demystifying the Software Defined Data Center

To meet changing demands, organizations must innovate and invest in new capabilities and flexible infrastructure. By understanding the architecture of the Software-Defined Enterprise, you can create the ideal environment to run and manage your applications. Attendees of this FREE webinar will learn about:

  • Software-defined compute solutions
  • Network virtualization solutions
  • Software-defined storage solutions
  • Cloud management platforms
  • Opportunities for certification and recertification on solutions and platforms that comprise the Software Defined Datacenter

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vSphere with Operations Management

Anyone interested in the advantages of using vSphere with Operations Management to manage and monitor their vSphere environments should attend this FREE webinar. You will learn:

  • Highlights and features available in vSOM
  • How to use operations management to monitor keys aspects of your vSphere environments
  • How to drill down and find the root cause of an issue
  • “What-If” scenarios to analyze the effects of resource changes

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What's New in Horizon (with View) 6.x

Anyone interested in the new features in Horizon (with View) 6 should attend this FREE webinar. The webinar covers:

  • Highlights of the new Horizon features
  • Explain the new features of View 6 specifically
  • Overview of RDSH Desktop and Application Pools
  • Overview of Cloud Pod Architecture

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VMware vCloud Automation Center

VMware vCloud® Automation Center™ drives business agility by automating the delivery of personalized IT services. Watch the webinar and learn from a use case for the vCloud Automation Center architecture within today’s multivendor cloud environments. Gain knowledge on how to build and provision blueprints and assemble vCloud Automation Center workflows.

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Storage Policy Based Management with Virtual SAN

VMware® Virtual SAN™ is radically simple hypervisor-converged storage. Virtual SAN introduces a new high performance storage tier optimized for virtual environments that is simple, resilient, efficient, and reduces the total cost of ownership. Watch this webinar introducing the major features of VMware Virtual SAN and learn how VMware Virtual SAN and Storage Policy Based Management enhances your data center.

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Introduction to NSX

VMware NSX™ is the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center. NSX brings virtualization to your existing network and transforms network operations and economics. Watch this webinar introducing the major features of VMware NSX and learn how VMware NSX fundamentally changes the data center by adding agility and efficiency to network operations.

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Troubleshooting VMware vSphere [V5.5]

Learn to increase your skill and competency using the VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface (vCLI) to analyze problems. The webinar discusses best practices using products VMware® ESXi™ 5.5, VMware® vCenter Server™ 5.5, and vCloud Director.

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