VMware Certified Associate 6 – Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals Exam

Exam Number: 1V0-602 Duration: 75 Minutes
Associated Certification: VCA6-HC Number of Questions: 50
Exam Product: Passing Score: 300
Recommended Training: vCloud Air Fundamentals Validated Against: vCloud Air
Exam Price: $125 USD, More on Pricing Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
First Available Appointment: 14 April 2015 Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored, Online
Exam Details Last Updated:18 August 2017

Validate your ability to identify technical requirements for a Hybrid Cloud solution and align them with vCloud Air based services and technologies.

Please note: This exam was retired on 15 September 2017.

Exam Topics How to Prepare Additional Resources
+ Section 1: Identify and Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Components
+ Objective 1.1: Identify and Describe the VMware Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Define a Public Cloud
  • Identify challenges with Public Cloud offerings and adoption
  • Articulate VMware’s Hybrid Cloud vision
+ Objective 1.4: Describe VMware vCloud Air Security and Compliance Standards
  • Identify common compliance challenges within Cloud environments.
  • Identify common security challenges within Cloud environments.
+ Section 2: Identify and Differentiate VMware Air Networking Technologies
+Objective 2.1: Explain vCloud Air Networking Concepts Fabrics
  • Describe the building blocks of vCloud Air networking
  • Identify connectivity options to vCloud Air
  • Describe vCloud Air Network Access Control
+Objective 2.2: Differentiate vCloud Air Networking Services
  • Explain Edge Gateway Networking Services
  • Compare and contraxt the following gateway network services:
    • Network Address Translation
    • Firewall
    • Static routing
    • Load Balancing
    • VPN
    • DHCP
+ Section 3: Identify and Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Management Technologies
+ Objective 3.1: Differentiate vCloud Air Management Tools
  • Describe and differentiate common VMware cloud management tools
  • Identify and use vCloud Air Web Portal
  • Identify capabilities of vCloud Air vSphere Client Plug-in
+ Objective 3.2: Describe vCloud Air Management Capabilities
  • Describe available vCloud Air management capabilities
  • Differentiate capabilities within available management tools
+ Exam Contributors
Mike Brown
Harold Simon
Frank Buechsel
Joseph Desmond
Bill Sitchler
Bill Call
Jeff Hall
John Krueger
Richard Anderson
Jon Hall
Tom Ralph
George Kobar
Jeremy Sage
Linda Brown

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