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VMware IT Academy

The VMware IT Academy program is a global network of approved colleges and universities that provide students access to high quality educational content, certification potential, and experience with VMware technologies used by 97% of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 500,000+ customers.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about program features and benefits. Full-Time Faculty or Staff can click on the Institutions tab to view program requirements and apply to the program.

Overview Students Instructors Institutions Existing IT Academies

VMware provides selected academic institutions with teaching and learning materials developed by VMware, creating a collaborative environment where students can obtain VMware certification and organizations can find skilled workers for the many in-demand and high paying IT jobs available today.

Find an IT Academy

Use the IT Academy locator to find an academic institution near you that offers VMware technology courses or a Regional IT Academy that provides instructor training and support. If your institution is not an IT Academy, speak to your ICT professor today!

Free Resources

Virtualization is software used to simulate hardware. It is the fundamental technology that powers cloud computing which delivers computing resources, software or data as a service through the internet.
Explore these free resources to learn about virtualization and the cloud or for instructors at all education levels to incorporate into their programs, courses, research, and projects.

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Differentiate Yourself with VMware Skills and Certification

VMware training and certification is a market differentiator that opens the door to an exciting and rewarding ICT career. With a focus on building the hands-on skills most relevant in the workplace, training and certification can provide real value in the job market. VMware certifications are ranked among the highest paid and in-demand IT certifications, with thousands of jobs available as companies virtualize their IT infrastructure and move business operations to the cloud.

Student Benefits

IT Academy students receive these great benefits:

  • Free VMware software and 1-year license for Workstation, Fusion, vSphere, and more
  • Discounted vouchers for all VMware Certified Associate (VCA) and the VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification exams
  • Authorized VMware curriculum and labs that prepares you for VMware certification exams


Click on any IT Academy course below for more details and certification information. The five free VCA short-courses offer a great introduction to virtualization (OS, network, desktop and application) and the cloud. The two VCP for Data Center Virtualization courses provide IT Academy students with a strong virtualization foundation and hands-on skills.

Certification Level

Software-Defined Data Center


Data Center Virtualization

Cloud Management & Automation

Network Virtualization

Desktop & Mobility
VCP (Professional)

vSphere: Optimize & Scale V6

Not offered to IT Academies at this time

vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage V6

Business IT
VCA (Associate)

Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
Cloud Fundamentals

vCloud Air Fundamentals

Network Virtualization Fundamentals

Workforce Mobility Fundamentals

Teach the Next Big Thing Transforming IT: Become a VMware IT Academy Instructor

As an IT Academy instructor you will have resources and opportunities to learn and teach virtualization skills used in the software-defined data center, desktop and mobility solutions and the cloud.


Once the VMware IT Academy Program Coordinator for your school enrolls you in the VMware Academic Resource Store you will have access to online courses, PowerPoint slides, lab setup guides, and software necessary to teach so that you can prepare at your own pace. You will also receive access to our confidential forum where VMware commercial instructors and IT Academy instructors around the world discuss technical problems or course content.


There are no formal qualifications required to teach a VMware IT Academy course, however we provide 70% discount certification exam vouchers and strongly encourage instructors get certified.


In addition to providing online courses free to IT Academy instructors there are opportunities to attend in-person and virtual Train-The-Trainer classes at a Regional IT Academy (authorized training and support center - use Locator on the Overview tab) and various Faculty Development events. On-demand recorded Train-The-Trainer sessions are also available.

Additional program details can be found in the VMware IT Academy Program Guide.

For additional questions, please contact the VMware IT Academy team.

Why become a VMware IT Academy

VMware is leading the way in the transformation of IT infrastructure from physical equipment and devices to a virtual, software-defined solution. This transformation requires IT student’s possess the knowledge and skills needed for jobs in the new IT world and to have a successful career.
VMware provides approved IT Academies all teaching, learning, and certification resources that allow your ICT faculty to deliver authorized VMware courses which provides a competitive advantage to your students looking for high-paying ICT jobs.


  • Easy to use school branded website that provides access to all teaching, learning, and certification resources ($250 USD annual subscription required)
  • 1-year license for Workstation, Fusion, and other VMware software for all IT department faculty and students to use at school and home
  • Authorized curriculum that helps students prepare for VMware Certified Associate (VCA) and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) for Data Center Virtualization certification exams
  • 70% discount certification exam vouchers for instructors and students
  • VMware software and licenses for teaching VMware technology and courses
  • Free self-paced online courses for IT Academy Instructors to prepare to teach


The VMware IT Academy program is available to accredited, degree-granting 2- or 4-year higher education institutions and select secondary schools. Academic institutions offering accredited degrees exclusively through distance education programs are not eligible to participate.

Curriculum and Course Materials

IT Academies use the same curriculum used in the VMware commercial training program. These courses are developed around specific job roles and are taught by several hundred instructors internationally each year. Refer to the Student tab for course offering.

Student books are purchased for a nominal cost from VMware’s partners, Kivuto and Gilmore Global. Students may purchase eBooks directly from the Academic Resource Store powered by Kivuto. IT Academies can place bulk eBook and printed book orders from the IT Academy Store powered by Gilmore Global.

Promotion and Scheduling

The VMware IT Academy is intended for students and career changers seeking a career in IT. IT Academies may not promote or deliver VMware courses to businesses as a way to train their IT staff.

There are no scheduling requirements on how often courses must be run but no more than 12 hours of instruction may be presented on a given course in one week (seven consecutive days).

Lab Options

  • Build your own lab with VMware provided software and setup guides
  • Contact your Regional IT Academy to see if they offer labs-as-a-service
  • Partner with the Network Development Group, VMware’s academic lab solution provider

Get Started

An authorized employee of the college or university may apply on behalf of the school by following the steps below:

  1. Review the IT Academy Program Guide for all program benefits, restrictions, and resources
  2. Complete the appropriate IT Academy Application for your region.

VMware reviews the online registration and approves or rejects it within 10 US business days.

Common Questions

Do VMware IT Academy schools receive a certificate?
Yes, a printable certificate that may be framed and displayed by the school is provided via a PDF file.

Is a VMware IT Academy Program student from my school recognized by VMware?
Yes. A record is created in VMware Education’s database system (myLearn) when the student registers for any online VCA course or when they register for and pass a VMware VCA or VCP-DCV certification exam using an IT Academy voucher.

What is a VMware Regional IT Academy?
Some schools are selected by VMware to act as a “VMware Regional IT Academy” for other schools. Your school can engage one of these Regional IT Academies for support, instructor training, and other services. Use the Academy Locator on the Overview tab to locate a Regional IT Academy near you.


VMware IT Academy begins rolling out a redesigned Academy

We are improving the Academy curriculum to make it more relevant for today’s learner. Students need to gain a broader view of how VMware solutions are used to solve business challenges verses focusing solely on vSphere. By replacing the VCP-DCV commercial courses with academic-friendly courses, we provide a strong foundation in virtualization and cloud computing to prepare students for more advanced skills development.

To view an overview of the changes, please click here to view the webcast.

Certification Changes for 2018

VMware will NOT certify a candidate if a student attended both courses (vSphere: ICM and vSphere: Optimize & Scale) at an IT Academy but DID NOT register for the special academic version (‘PSE’) of the VCP 6.x-DCV exam (2V0-622PSE [v6.5] or 2V0-621PSE [v6]) using the voucher provided by the instructor. VMware will not accept commercial (non-academic/‘PSE’) versions of the VCP6-DCV or VCP6.5-DCV exams. Please read this important document for more information on this change.

Simplified process change for accessing program resources

As of 1 September 2015 IT Academies access all teaching, learning, and certification resources via a self-serve website powered by our partner Kivuto Solutions that requires an annual subscription.  IT Academies in the program prior to 1 September 2015 are strongly encouraged to read the Resources Access Changes document that details the changes regarding VMware Communities, myLearn classes, discount exam voucher codes, and program processes.

VCP6-DCV course labs now available

Labs for the vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6] and vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] courses are now available from our partner, the Network Development Group, making it easy for students to learn from anywhere. See NDG’s website for more information.

Additional IT Academy and VMware Education news and announcements can be found on the VMware Education and Certification Blog.

Operations and Support

The online Quick Start Guide is for approved IT Academies and contains information about teaching IT Academy classes using resources available on your VMware Academic Resource webstore powered by our partner, Kivuto Solutions, Inc.

Instructors and adminstators can obtain program support by contacting your Regional IT Academy (see the Locator on the Overview tab) or by sending an email.