VMware Certified Design Expert 4 - Data Center Virtualization (VCDX4-DCV)

No VCDX4-DCV defenses will be allowed after July 9, 2014.

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification. This elite group is comprised of design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments and the program is designed for veteran professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise in VMware technology.

VCDX4-DCV Benefits

  • Recognition of your technical knowledge and skills
  • Official transcripts
  • Use of VMware Certified Design Expert 4 - Data Center Virtualization logo
  • Access to the exclusive VCDX portal & logo merchandise store
  • Invitation to beta exams and classes
  • Discounted admission to VMware events
  • VCDX logo wear
  • Press release support
  • Bio featured in the VCDX Directory
  • Greater opportunities for career advancement

Get VCDX4-DCV Certified

VCDX certification is achieved through a unique, two-step process where all candidates must submit and successfully defend a production-ready VMware Solution before a panel of veteran VCDX-holders. This unique testing process ensures that those who achieve VCDX are peer-vetted and ready to join an elite group of world-class consulting architects.

  1. Submit a VCDX4-DCV Application that is accepted
  2. Successfully present and defend a VMware vSphere based virtual infrastructure design and implementation plan


  • Have both your VMware Certified Advanced Professional- Data Center Administration (VCAP4-DCA) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Data Center Design (VCAP4-DCD) certifications
    VMware no longer requires VCAP exams to be taken in a specific sequence. However, both must be passed before the submitting your VCDX4-DCV Application.

Upgrade to VCDX4-DCV from VCDX3

To upgrade your current VCDX3 certification to VCDX4-DCV certification you must take and pass the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Data Center Design (VCAP4-DCD) exam.

Upgrade from VCDX4-DCV to VCDX5-DCV

If you are already a VCDX4-DCV, the upgrade path to VCDX5-DCV has been announced.

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