VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation (VCP7-CMA)

VCP7-CMA certification validates your ability to install, configure and administer a VMware vRealize environment, used to automate key processes within your Data Center in a repeatable, scalable way that leads to efficiency and improved productivity. These skills enable you to simplify and standardize the more complex day to day activities, increasing your credibility and value within the organization.

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VCP7-CMA Certification Requirements
Path 1: Just starting with VMware Cloud Management and Automation technology.
1: Gain experience with vSphere 6 and vRealize (minimum 6 months recommended).
2: Attend one of the required training courses.
VCP7-CMA Certification Requirements
+ Path 1: If you hold a valid VCP6-Cloud or VCP6-CMA certification
+ Path 2: If you hold a VCP6 certification for any other solution track that has not expired
+ Path 3: If you hold an expired VCP certification for any solution track

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Do I have to complete the requirements in the order listed?

No, however we strongly recommend that you do so.

Will vCloud Automation Center 6.x courses satisfy the VCP7-CMA course requirement?

No, you must complete a VMware Cloud or vRealize Automation 7.x course to achieve certification if you do not already hold a valid VCP certification.

Will earning VCP7-CMA re-certify my VCP certification?

Yes, by passing the VCP7-CMA exam you will successfully re-certify your existing VCP.