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- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, Onsite
- Length: 4 Days

Rich Web Applications with Spring is a 4-day training on web application development led by SpringSource experts. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply the latest in Spring to create rich web applications. Spring

Completion of this training entitles each student to receive a free voucher to schedule an exam at a Pearson Vue Centre to become a SpringSource Certified Spring Web Application Developer. The Rich Web Applications with Spring training is also the ideal preparation for the certification exam.

Rich Web Applications with Spring is the perfect training if:

  • You like to become an expert at using the Spring Framework
  • You want to show your developer skills by building beautiful rich web applications
  • You took Core Spring and want to further improve your developer skills
  • You are working on/have planned a rich web project
  • You are interested in being granted the Spring Rich Web certification
To further improve your Spring developer skills we recommend to take Enterprise Integration with Spring or Hibernate with Spring after completing Rich Web Applications with Spring.

Objectives:    At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring and associated technologies for web development and be able to:
  • Develop web applications using the Spring Framework
  • Use Spring Web Flow to implement stateful interactions
  • Secure web applications with Spring Security
  • Test web applications for correctness and performance
  • Create rich web user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Connect a Flex client to a Spring back-end with Spring BlazeDS
  • Put it all together with rapid productivity tools like Grails and Spring Roo
  • Use the SpringSource Tool Suite and Spring Insight
Intended Audience:    This training is designed for developers interested in developing web applications with Spring
  • Experience with developing application using Java
  • Basic understanding of Spring
    Outline:    Spring Web MVC:
    • Spring MVC annotation-based programming model
    • Page composition with layout technologies such as Tiles
    • Rendering multiple content types
    • Handling exceptions
    • Processing form pages
    • Internationalization and personalization
    Spring Web Flow:
    • Introduction to Spring Web Flow
    • Authoring flow definitions
    • View states, events and transitions
    • Adding flow behavior
    • Working with scoped data
    • Using the Web Flow integration with JSF
    Spring Security:
    • Securing a web application with Spring Security
    Integration With Client Technologies:
    • Modern Web UI
    • Progressive enhancement, accessibility, web design
    • Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Using a JavaScript framework (Dojo) for DOM scripting and UI widgets
    • Integrating Flex clients with Spring applications
    Rapid Application Development:
    • Using Grails & Spring Roo
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