VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI [V4.x]

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- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, Onsite
- Length: 2 Days
This hands-on training course introduces the use of VMware vSphere™ PowerCLI to automate VMware vSphere 4. This course demonstrates ways to automate tasks that can reduce your IT costs while improving efficiency, availability, flexibility, and manageability.

Objectives:    •  Automate VMware® ESX™ configuration
•  Automate the provisioning of virtual machines
•  Automate changes to virtual machine configuration
•  Automate cluster operations
•  Automate reporting
Intended Audience:    This course is designed for technical persons responsible for managing ESX, VMware ESXi, and VMware vCenter™ Server, including IT managers, system architects, and system administrators.
Prerequisites:    System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems and completion of either the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage or the VMware vSphere: Fast Track course. Also scripting experience in one of the following languages: VBScript, Perl, UNIX shell scripts, Python, or other languages with variables and control structures.
Outline:    Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Introduction to vSphere PowerCLI
•  Define the main vSphere PowerCLI object
•  Define the main commandlets in vSphere PowerCLI
•  Connect to a vSphere infrastructure
•  Get help for commandlets
Module 3: Automating ESX Host Configuration
•  Automate configuration of virtual switches on ESX hosts
•  Automate configuration of datastores on ESX hosts
Module 4: Virtual Machine Provisioning, Configuration, and Protection
•  Automate creation of virtual machines
•  Change virtual machine settings programmatically
•  Run vSphere PowerCLI scripts in virtual machines
•  Automate virtual machine protection
Module 5: Automating Cluster Operations
•  Automate virtual machine storage migration
•  Automate VMware vMotion™
•  Create a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler/VMware High Availability cluster
•  Automate cluster configuration
•  Automate resource pool creation and configuration
Module 6: Automating Reporting
•  Automate reporting about virtual machines
•  Automate reporting about ESX hosts
•  Automate reporting about clusters