VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V5.1/V5.5]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 3.5 Hours
The VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V5.1] free self-paced eLearning course introduces students to the components, architecture, functions, and benefits of vCloud Director.

Objectives:    After this course, students will possess the knowledge to:

•  Briefly explain cloud computing
•  Recognize cloud implementations
•  Identify VMware vCloud Director functions and benefits
•  Analyze vCloud Director architecture
•  Identify the vCloud Director components and their functions
•  Examine how to charge for resources
•  Determine the licensing needs
•  Recognize the prerequisites for vCloud Director installation
•  Illustrate vCloud Director software installation
•  Demonstrate configuration of vCloud Director software
•  Differentiate the vCloud Director terminologies
•  Configure and manage vSphere resources
•  Configure and manage cloud resources
•  Create and provision organizations
•  Create and manage catalogs
•  Utilize roles and rights to control access
•  Recognize the different administration roles within vCloud Director
•  Recognize types of networks in vCloud Director
•  Create and manage the networks
•  Identify different types of network pools
•  Recognize user tasks and privileges
•  Identify how to work with vCloud Director as a user
Outline:    The course consists of the following self-paced modules:

• VMware vCloud Director Overview: In this module, you will learn about cloud and cloud implementations. You will also learn about VMware vCloud Director and its benefits and functions.

• VMware vCloud Director Architecture and Components: This module provides an overview of vCloud Director components, illustrates the vCloud Director architecture, defines vCloud Director component functions, and describes how VMware vShield Edge and VMware vCenter Chargeback are integrated with vCloud Director.

• VMware vCloud Director Installation and Configuration: In this module, you will review vCloud Director components and learn about the prerequisites for vCloud Director installation. You will also learn about the procedure to install and configure vCloud Director. Additionally, you will learn about the post-installation steps.

• VMware vCloud Director Administration: This module covers vCloud Director administration tasks, which include how to create and manage organizations, catalogs, cells, users, roles, and compute resources.

• Network Administration in VMware vCloud Director: In this module, you will learn about vCloud Director network administration tasks such as creating and managing different types of networks. You will also learn about the requirements and constraints of different types of network pools.

• VMware vCloud Director User: In this module, you will learn about deployment and maintenance of vCloud Director that includes understanding how organizations and roles give access to different functions, how to work within the catalogs, and how to use vApp templates.