Software-Defined Storage Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2 Hours
This eLearning course on Software-Defined Storage provides an overview of the storage pillars of a Software-Defined Data Center and how VMware’s Software-Defined Storage (SDS) strategy helps to mitigate the storage challenges faced by the Hardware-Defined Data Centers.

The course will outline the technical characteristics of Virtual SAN 6.0 and vSphere Virtual Volumes. We will then compare the new Software-Defined Storage functionalities and operating model found in Virtual SAN 6.0 and vSphere Virtual Volumes with that of traditional storage.

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Describe a Software-Defined Storage.
-  Describe the architecture, technical characteristics, and benefits of Virtual SAN 6.0.
-  Explain virtual volumes.
-  Compare the functionalities and performance of Virtual SAN and virtual volumes with other traditional storage options.
Prerequisites:    It is recommended that learners complete the following prerequisite course:
-  VCA-DV or equivalent
-  Virtaul SAN 5.5 Essentials/Fundamentals course
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction
-  Course Overview
-  Course Objectives
-  Course Outline

2.  Introduction to the Software-Defined Data Center
-  Logical Design and Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center
-  Software-Defined Storage
-  Storage Virtualization
-  Virtual Data Plane
-  Policy-Driven Control Plane
-  vSphere Virtual Volumes

3.  Introduction to VMware Virtual SAN 6.0
-  Characteristics, Configuration Requirements, and Benefits of            Virtual SAN 6.0
-  Flash-Based Devices in Hybrid and All-Flash Architecture
-  Virtual SAN 6.0 Storage Policies
-  Change Management Using Policies
-  Performance, Availability, Scalability, Self-Service, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Usability Capabilities of Virtual SAN 6.0

4.  Virtual SAN 6.0 Architecture
-  Virtual SAN Cluster
-  Disk Groups
-  On-Disk File System
-  Object-Based Storage
-  Policy-Based Component Distribution
-  Virtual SAN Default Storage Policies
-  Storage Policy-Based Management
-  Virtual SAN Traffic Flow
-  Fault Domain
-  Rack Awareness
-  Hardware-Based Checksum

5.  Use Cases
-  Business Critical Applications
-  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
-  Disaster Recovery Site
-  Staging Test and Development