vRealize Log Insight [V3] Fundamentals

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 2.5 Hours
This eLearning course describes the features of VMware vRealize™ Log Insight™ that help in the automated management of logs. The course describes how to install, configure, and use VMware vRealize Log Insight 3 to collect and analyze logs.

This course also explains how vRealize Log Insight 3 can be integrated with other solutions for monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing a data center.

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you should be able to:

-  Explain how vRealize Log Insight 3 delivers real-time log management for your data center and why it is important
-  Deploy the vRealize Log Insight 3 virtual appliance
-  Perform visual analysis of the logs to identify probable issues and troubleshoot them
-  Explain the non-vSphere data sources
-  Configure vRealize Operations integration with vRealize Log Insight 3
Prerequisites:    It is recommended that learners complete the following prerequisite course:
-  VMware vRealize Operations Manager Fundamentals [V6.0]
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction
-  Course Overview
-  Course Objectives
-  Course Outline

2.  Introduction to vRealize Log Insight
-  Cloud Management Platform
-  Managing the SDDC
-  Importance of Log Management
-  The VMware Approach to Log Management
-  Key Features of vRealize Log Insight
-  Use Case
-  Key Business Benefits of vRealize Log Insight 3
-  What vRealize Log Insight does
-  Life Cycle of a Log Message
-  How vRealize Log Insight 3 helps IT
-  vRealize Log Insight 3 Editions

3.  Install and Configure vRealize Log Insight 3
-  Pre-Installation Considerations
-  vRealize Log Insight 3 Configuration Limits
-  Sizing and Scalability
-  Virtual Appliance Storage
-  Installation and General Configuration
-  Select the OVA Source and Destination
-  Configure the Application Deployment
-  Admin Credentials
-  License
-  General Configuration
-  Time Configuration
-  SMTP Configuration
-  Ready to Ingest Data
-  Demonstration - Install and Deploy vRealize Log Insight 3
-  vRealize Operations Manager Integration
-  Authentication Configuration
-  Cluster Configuration
-  Demonstration - Cluster Node Installation
-  Post-Installation Optimization
-  VMware High Availability
-  Integrated Load Balancer
-  Integrated Load Balancer Limitations
-  Forwarding
-  Role-Based Access Control
-  Data Archiving
-  Backup
-  Disaster Recovery

4.  Log Analysis
-  Overview of the vRealize Log Insight Web User Interface
-  Use Case
-  Working with Dashboards
-  Dashboard Widgets
-  Types of Dashboard Widgets
-  Adding Widgets to Dashboards
-  Running All Queries
-  Cloning, Renaming, and Deleting Dashboards
-  Editing Chart Types in Dashboard Widgets
-  Widgets Linking and Dashboard Pages
-  Working with Interactive Analytics
-  Interactive Analytics Charts
-  Displaying Multi-Function Charts
-  Analyzing Logs
-  Building Queries
-  Query Time Range
-  Searching and Filtering Log Events
-  Managing Search Queries
-  Creating Alerts
-  Creating Snapshots
-  Overview of Machine Learning
-  Smart Fields
-  Highlighting and Colorizing Event Types
-  Extracting Fields
-  Working with Content Packs
-  What does a Content Pack Contain
-  Creating Content Packs
-  Customizing Content in the My Content Section
-  Export a Content Pack
-  Import a Content Pack
-  Check Your Understanding
-  Content Packs Author Preference
-  Demonstration - Install and Deploy vRealize Log Insight
-  System Monitor and General Configuration Options
-  Configuring Agents

5.  Non-vSphere Data Sources
-  Overview of the Non-vSphere Data Sources
-  Content Pack Marketplace
-  Native Windows Agent: Collection Framework
-  Features of Native Windows Agents
-  Native Linux Agent: Collection Framework
-  Client-Side Event Parsing
-  Agent Groups Configuration
-  liagent.ini

6.  vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Integration
-  What Does the Integration Provide
-  Advantages of vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Integration
-  vRealize Operations Manager Content Pack
-  Content Pack Auto-Install and Alert Mapping
-  Configuring the vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Integration
-  Demonstration: vRealize Log Insight Integration with vRealize Operations Manager