VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V8.x]

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- Format: Self-Paced
- Length: 3.5 Hours
This eLearning course on VMware vCloud Director will provide you a fundamental understanding of vCloud Director and its various components, architecture, and features.

The course will start with an overview of cloud computing and explain the solutions offered by VMware for cloud computing. Next, you will take a look at the architecture, components, and installation and configuration of vCloud Director. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the administrative and end-user tasks and network administration in vCloud Director.

Objectives:    At the end of this course, you will be able to:
-  Provide an overview of VMware vCloud Director
-  Describe the architecture and components of vCloud Director  
-  Install and configure vCloud Director
-  Describe the administration tasks in vCloud Director
-  Identify the types of networks and network pools in vCloud Director
-  Provide an overview of the deployment and maintenance of vCloud Director
Prerequisites:    Basic knowledge of virtualization and cloud technologies
Outline:    1.  Course Introduction
-  Course Overview
-  Course Objectives
-  Course Outline

2.  Cloud Computing and VMware Cloud Director – Overview
-  Cloud Computing – Overview
-  Characteristics of Cloud Services
-  Categories of Cloud Computing
-  VMware Offerings to Enable Cloud-Based Services
-  Cloud Deployment Environments
-  Cloud Implementers
-  VMware vCloud Air Network Program – Overview
-  Features of vCloud Director

3.  VMware vCloud Director Architecture and Components
-  vCloud Director Terminologies: vApp and Catalog
-  vCloud Director Terminologies: Organization and VDC
-  vCloud Director Architecture
-  Cross-Section of the vCloud Director Architecture
-  Network Concepts
-  vCloud Director Supported Storage
-  VMware vRealize Business for vCloud Advanced and Cost Drivers
-  Products that Integrate with vCloud Director
-  Types of VDCs
-  Provider VDCs
-  Organization VDCs
-  Resource Pools
-  vCloud Director Cells

4.  VMware vCloud Director Installation and Configuration
-  vCloud Director Setup – Overview
-  vCloud Director – Hardware and Software Requirements
-  vCloud Director – Supported Platforms
-  Network Configuration Prerequisites
-  Using vCenter Single Sign-On with vCloud Director
-  Web SSO Authentication
-  SSO between vCenter Server and vCloud Director
-  Configuring vCloud Director to use SSO
-  Enabling a SAML Identity Provider
-  Installing and Configuring vCloud Director Database
-  Configuring an Oracle Database
-  Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server Database
-  Creating SSL Certificates
-  Configuring NSX Manager for a new vCloud Director Installation
-  Installing and Configuring an AMQP Broker
-  Downloading and Installing the VMware Public Key
-  Demonstration: Installing vCloud Director
-  Creating a vCloud Director Server Group
-  Demonstration: Attaching a vCenter Server
-  Microsoft Sysprep
-  VMware vRealize Business Integration with vCloud Director

5.  VMware vCloud Director Administration
-  Adding VMware vSphere Resources to vCloud Director
-  Adding Cloud Resources
-  Provider VDCs
-  Managing Provider VDCs
-  Demonstration: Creating a Provider VDC
-  Adding Organization Resources
-  Contents of an Organization
-  Demonstration: Creating an Organization
-  Organization VDC Allocation Models
-  Organization VDC Allocation Model: Allocation Pool
-  Organization VDC Allocation Model: Pay-As-You-Go
-  Organization VDC Allocation Model: Reservation Pool
-  Use Cases for Allocation Models
-  Organization and Organization Admin Creation Process
-  Providing Resources to Organization VDC
-  Demonstration: Creating an Organization VDC
-  vCloud Director Predefined Users
-  Demonstration: Creating an Organization Administrative User
-  Managing Catalogs
-  Managing vApps and vApp Templates
-  Demonstration: Creating a vApp from a vCenter Template
-  Virtual Machine Customization
-  Fast Provisioning of Virtual Machines

6.     Network Administration in VMware vCloud Director
-  vCloud Director Networking Overview
-  How vCloud Director gets Networks
-  Networks in vCloud Director
-  vApp Network
-  External Networks
-  Demonstration: Creating an External Network
-  Organization VDC Network
-  Types of Organization VDC Networks
-  Demonstration: Adding an Organization VDC Network
-  Network Pools
-  Types of Network Pools
-  Demonstration: Adding a Network Pool
-  Roles that can Create Networks
-  IPsec VPN Tunnel Configuration Types
-  Network Security
-  Best Practices for Network Security

7.  VMware vCloud Director End-User Tasks
-  End User Access to Web Console
-  Understanding Your Role
-  Resources Available to You and Your Organization
-  Working with Catalogs
-  Selecting Storage Policies
-  Working with vApp
-  Working with vApp Templates
-  Working with Networks in a vApp
-  Fenced Networks in a vApp
-  Snapshot and Revert
-  Demonstration: Using vCloud Director as a User