Intel: VMware Sales Professional 5 (VSP 5)

Learn how to increase your deal size and add more drag to your customer opportunities. Get the training you need to successfully sell Intel VMware virtualization!

FREE VMware Sales Professional (VSP) Training & Accreditation

Our introductory sales training program is designed to teach partners about virtualization basics and VMware Solutions. The program consists of the following 5 courses and takes approximately 4 hours to complete:
  1. Virtualization Overview (30 Min): This module explains the Virtualization concept and the essential properties of virtual machines. It then covers how virtualization can be extended to more easily manage computing, storage and networking resources.
  2. VMware Sales Opportunity Overview (25 min): This module covers VMware’s history and mission, the relationships that make it successful, and the market opportunities that will drive future growth. Praise for VMware comes from the customers themselves, independent analysts, and is reflected in accelerating momentum for the company.
  3. Products Overview (35 min):VMware's flagship product, vSphere, coupled with VMware's comprehensive roadmap of groundbreaking new products addresses customers’ needs for flexibility, speed, resiliency and efficiency. Together, they guarantee appropriate levels of availability, security and scalability to all applications independent of hardware and location. This module introduces the VMware products that support these benefits.
  4. Solutions Overview (60 min): This module goes over the various solution areas that VMware products have to offer to customers.
  5. Delivering the VMware Message (40 min): This course describes the approach you should take and the message you should deliver during a typical customer presentation about VMware products, services, and solutions.

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Plan Details

1. Virtualization Overview [5.1]
• Self-Paced
2. Sales Opportunity Overview [5.1]
• Self-Paced
3. Solutions Overview [5.1]
• Self-Paced
4. Products Overview [5.1]
• Self-Paced
5. Delivering the VMware Message [5.1]
• Self-Paced