VMware Certified Professional 6 — Desktop and Mobility Exam

Exam Number: 2V0-651 Duration: 120 Minutes
Associated Certification: VCP6-DTM Number of Questions: 85
Exam Product: Horizon 6 (with View) Passing Score: 300
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Recommended Training: Horizon (with View): Install, Configure, Manage [V6] Validated Against: Horizon 6 (with View)
Exam Price: $250 USD, More on Pricing Exam Languages: English, Japanese
First Available Appointment: 30 August 2015 Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
Exam Information Last Updated: 28 January 2016

This exam tests your skills and abilities implementing, installing, and configuring a VMware Horizon with View™ 6.x environment deployed on a VMware vSphere implementation.

Exam Topics How to Prepare Additional Resources
+ Section 1: Install Horizon (with View) Server Components
+ Objective 1.1: Describe and differentiate between component functions and features
  • Describe hardware and software requirements for installation
  • Explain functionality of the following components:
    • Connection server
    • View Composer
    • Replication server
    • Security server
  • Describe the Horizon View agent
  • Differentiate Horizon View client access options
+ Objective 1.2: Install Horizon (with View) Composer Server
  • Explain Horizon View Composer database and connectivity
  • Describe View Composer service and dependencies
  • Navigate the Horizon View Composer installation wizard
  • Determine when to install Horizon View Composer in stand-alone mode
+ Objective 1.3: Install Horizon (with View) Connection Server
  • Determine required firewall rules
  • Install Horizon View Connection servers
  • Differentiate between standard and replica servers
+ Objective 1.4: Install Horizon (with View) Security Server
  • Determine required firewall rules
  • Configure Horizon View security server pairing
  • Navigate the View Connection server installation wizard
+ Objective 1.5: Prepare Environment for Horizon (with View)
  • Explain characteristics of required Active Directory domain accounts, groups, and permissions
  • Identify and describe the Group Policy Object template files
  • Describe Organizational Units for machine accounts
  • Verify trust relationships
  • Describe DHCP requirements for Horizon View desktops
+ Objective 1.6: Install, Configure and Manage vRealize Operations Manager For Horizon
  • Describe software requirements for vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon View
  • Create an instance of the vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon View adapter
  • Install and configure a Horizon Broker agent
  • Reference View dashboards and reports
+ Section 2: Configure a Horizon (with View) Environment
+ Objective 2.1: Configure Horizon (with View) Composer
  • Describe default port settings for View Composer
  • Determine domain accounts used for QuickPrep
  • Determine the vCenter™ Server host system
  • Identify necessary account domain permissions and domain trust relationships
  • Enable View Composer from View Administrator and add domain account(s)
+ Objective 2.2: Configure Horizon (with View)
  • Explain the purpose of and configure the Events database
  • Enable Horizon View Storage Accelerator
  • Configure and modify Horizon View global settings
  • Modify Horizon View security server settings
  • Describe virtual printing services and architecture
  • Enable disk space reclamation
  • Configure the following:
    • SSL
    • Syslog server
    • External URL settings
    • Default roles
    • Custom roles
    • Required permissions
    • Display protocol settings
    • Location aware printing
    • Profile store for Persona management
    • Virtual profile group policies
+ Objective 2.3: Configure PCoIP/RDP Protocol Settings
  • Configure HTML access
  • Describe protocol requirements
  • Locate ADM template files
  • Explain GPO settings
  • Configure flash quality and throttling
  • Configure 3D rendering capabilities
+ Objective 2.4: Configure and Manage Security in Horizon (with View)
  • Import certificates
  • Enable certificate-based authentication
  • Identify authentication requirements for RSA, Smart Cards, and RADIUS
  • Configure SAML authenticator
  • Create Horizon View access groups for delegated administration and roles
  • Create and assign delegated administrative roles
  • Configure clipboard redirection
+ Objective 2.5: Create ThinApp applications and a ThinApp repository
  • Create VMware ThinApp applications
  • Create file shares
  • Assign permissions to the file shares
  • Verify MSI streaming settings in the package.ini files
  • Determine necessary VMware ThinApp package components to put on the share
  • Assign VMware ThinApp applications to pools
+ Objective 2.6: Configure Horizon View Cloud Pod Architecture
  • Enable and configure a multi-site/pod deployment
  • Configure global/user entitlements
  • Configure home sites
+ Section 3: Create and Configure Pools
+ Objective 3.1: Configure Automated Pools using linked clones
  • Identify floating vs. dedicated assignments
  • Identify and configure the following:
    • Optional disk settings
    • Pool settings
    • 3D renderer
    • Provisioning settings
    • Base image and snapshots
    • vCenter Server resource settings
    • Advanced storage settings
    • Guest customization settings (e.g., QuickPrep, Sysprep)
+ Objective 3.2: Configure Automated Pools using full clones
  • Identify floating vs. dedicated assignments
  • Identify and configure the following:
    • Pool settings
    • 3D renderer
    • Provisioning settings
    • Templates
    • vCenter Server resource settings
    • Advanced storage settings
    • Guest customization settings
+ Objective 3.3: Configure Manual Pools
  • Determine and configure pool settings
  • Describe and configure desktop sources
  • Given a scenario, manually configure pool resources
+ Objective 3.4: Build and Customize Desktop Images
  • Perform OS optimizations
  • Perform installation of View Agent and VMware Tools
  • Configure virtual machine hardware
  • Create and manage snapshots
  • Create customization specifications
+ Objective 3.5: Configure RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) Application Pools
  • Configure Remote Desktop Services (RDS) farms
  • Configure RDS desktop settings
  • Given a scenario, configure and edit application pool settings
+ Section 4: Troubleshooting Horizon (with View)
+ Objective 4.1: Troubleshoot Desktop Imaging Issues
  • Troubleshoot problems with Quickprep/Sysprep
  • Determine appropriate stems needed to remedy template issues
  • Given a scenario, remedy end user access issues
+ Objective 4.2: Troubleshoot Account and Permissions
  • Troubleshoot issues with user accounts
  • Remedy entitlement issues
  • Given a scenario identify and remedy permission issues
+ Objective 4.3: Troubleshoot connectivity between Horizon (with View) components
  • Troubleshoot Horizon View client connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot Horizon View client protocol connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot desktop connectivity issues
  • Generate and analyze log bundles
+ Objective 4.4: Troubleshoot PCoIP Configuration
  • Monitor PCoIP session statistics
  • Troubleshoot network packet loss and performance issues
  • Optimize visual settings
+ Section 5: Install, Configure, and Manage VMware Mirage
+ Objective 5.1: Install and Configure VMware Mirage Components
  • Identify firewall requirements for VMware Mirage
  • Install VMware Mirage Management server and console
  • Install VMware Mirage Web Manager
  • Install VMware Mirage server
  • Install VMware Mirage Gateway server
  • Install and configure file portal
  • Configure the following:
    • Branch Reflector
    • Role-based delegations
    • Driver library and profiles
    • SSL
    • User State Migration Tool (USMT)
    • Storage volumes
+ Objective 5.2: Manage Layers
  • Capture and update the App and Base layers
  • Assign Base and App layers
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate layer configuration to meet the customer requirements
+ Objective 5.3: Manage Endpoints
  • Create and manage upload policies
  • Restore snapshots
  • Create, manage, and archive collections
  • Install the Mirage Client
  • Migrate and centralize endpoints
+ Section 6: Install, Configure, and Manage VMware Workspace Portal
+ Objective 6.1: Install VMware Workspace Portal
  • Describe minimum hardware and software requirements
  • Determine firewall requirements
  • Understand forward and reverse DNS requirements for VMware Workspace virtual appliances
  • Create IP pools
  • Deploy OVA/OVF files
  • Configure initial installation (console, web)
  • Setup external database
  • Setup high availability
+ Objective 6.2: Configure VMware Workspace Portal
  • Configure the following:
    • High availability
    • SSL certificates
    • NTP
    • Users and groups
    • Web links and SaaS application authentication
    • VMware ThinApp access and delivery
    • Approvals
+ Objective 6.3: Manage VMware Workspace Portal
  • Define and promote administrators
  • Package VMware ThinApp applications
  • Entitle and deploy applications
  • Enable Horizon View desktop access through VMware Workspace Portal
  • Configure reporting for usage and entitlement
  • Deploy and update VMware Workspace Portal clients
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