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Search Tips

  1. Search is case insensitive.
  2. When you perform search, the results will include Records containing all of the keywords entered unless certain Boolean Operators are used (See #4, below). In other words, AND is implied between keywords.
    • Example search: install configure
  3. Boolean Operators are not required. If you enter multiple words into the keyword text box, Records that contain all of the words entered will be returned in the search results.
  4. You may use the following Boolean Operators:
    • AND (AND is implied in the keyword search; you do not need to use this operator)
      • Example search: install AND configure   or   install configure
    • OR
      • Example search: install OR configure
    • NOT (or minus sign—NOT operator cannot be used by itself)
      • Example searches: install NOT replace   or   install  -replace
    • * (wildcard search—wildcard may only be placed after a keyword)
      • Example search: virtua*
    • Quotation marks can be used to search for exact phrases. Use double-quotes rather than single-quotes.
      • Example: "install and configure"